Seldom Seen Way

{January 28, 2014}   A quick getting to know me session:

This is a journey of self-discovery which I wish to share and grow, be inspired and guided as a cherished submissive to my Sir.

I am going to find a questionnaire or three and post a question and answer. I think this will be the easiest way for me to open up – and perhaps one of those questions will help my Sir and whomever may read this understand a little bit more of me.

I rarely just open my mouth and tons of thoughts come out coherently. Ok – I never do that. I am one of those people where you have to ask a direct question – and you will get a direct answer.

1.What is the name you will know me as reading this? 

The name I use here is Dot – Only my Sir will call me His little fae.

2. How old are you?

I will be 42 years this coming month.

3. Describe your physical self.

I am about 5’7 and weigh more than I wish to; surprise surprise. That I am fortunately working at and slowly succeeding.

I have longer brunette hair, wear glasses, and have a dimple in my cheek when I laugh.

4. What is your relationship or marital status?

I am working towards a divorce. As of this June, I would have been married 24 years.

I have been in a relationship with my Sir for nearly 5 years. The last almost 3-4 years more and more on a D/s level. It was always there, but needed to slowly grow for Him to have Faith and take the leap to the “Dark-side” – Enticing him with Bacon helped ALOT! hehe

5. What is your profession?

I am an EWM Planning PM Supervisor & Pallet Administrator for one of the largest Pork Plants in Canada – see where the Bacon comes into this 😀  Basically I ensure that our product ships to where it needs to go and all that it encompasses. Working the evening shift means I wear many hats and need to be quick on my toes.

6. What is your sexual orientation?

I have always been attracted to both sexes. I am bi-sexual however have not played with another woman in a long time.

7. What type of Dominate am I seeking?

I am looking for someone that can connect to me on several levels.

  • Intelligent
  • Sense of Humour
  • As Stubborn as me
  • Passionate
  • Loves to Learn
  • Inquisitive
  • Can give me a kick in the Arse without Nagging
  • A Beard – because to me that is Manly and Sexii
  • Strict and consistent and make sure that both punishment and reward is given when needed
  • Can also be gentle and prefer to guide and teach me how to serve and how to succeed in serving Him properly
  • Will be responsible and will hold me to the promises of submission W/we have agreed upon
  • May favour protocol and rituals – as I believe I need/crave structure

And lastly for this post:

7. What type of submissive am I?

  • Bit of a service submissive – make my Sir’s life more comfortable
  • Sexual submissive – may not bring Sir his coffee every morning, but will be sexually available for Him at all times.
  • Pain submissive, simply put, a masochist.

He gets a little of everything – it keeps Him on His toes.

I will add to this later this week when I have a little more time and more thoughts going through this head.




What say you?

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