Seldom Seen Way

{March 1, 2014}   My Week so Far.

It has been a good start to my Saturday morning. I am sitting here (my morning tends to start between 1-3 PM) drinking my coffee, talking with Syn via Google Talk, yelling at my asshole cats, just finished visiting with my Brother dearest (who just fixed my kitchen faucet and put a new showerhead in for me) and trying to keep warm (-27C and -42C with wind-chill – though at 4:30AM it was -35C with a wind chill of -48C). And that has only been the last 2 hours since I woke up.

Since my last post, I have been keeping pretty busy… actually Syn and I have. Later Wednesday night W/we went to friends’ place to play a couple of board games and converse. It is really awesome to have people on the same sleep time as U/us. W/we got to see a “small” portion of their collection and found a couple new sites to buy for O/ourselves.

Thursday was better than my Birthday. My collar came in and it is fucking beautiful. I am so honoured to wear it. It is a furthering of O/our relationship more so than my everyday collar He gave me. It gives me a tremendous relief to reveal the depth and breath of my submissive needs to Him. That Syn can and has embraced them all and even demanded more from me is my ongoing gift from Him. There are no strings dangling from my submission. He has my body, mind and soul.
W/we were so excited by its arriving that W/we wanted to show O/our mutual friend (who is vanilla however very open minded) the collar in place. And to make the day even better W/we got to wish her a happy birthday too!

Later on W/we came back to my place, made some supper and decided to play on the sofa for a touch…W/we had an unexpected visitor. One of the wayward teens came over and interrupted…making Syn a very antsy Sir. He wanted to leave right away – I thought it was rude without visiting. I told Him I wasn’t quite ready to leave yet – perhaps with a glint in my eye. By the way, yes I thought it quite amusing honestly…which I got a message in my ear I would pay for it.
So in my thinking, since I am going to get tanned anyway– I might as well drag it out, JUST a touch longer.
An hour and a bit later, W/we finally left to go to His place. He can’t say it wasn’t a good visit – as He had not seen Ike since Christmas time – I knew it be worth the tanning I was getting and I was alright with that.

Let us just say, I indeed got that tanning and a little more than I bargained. I was sprawled and cuffed, backside up on that bed. At one point I had every hole filled (ears with plugs, ass, pussy and mouth) and He brought out the belt, crop, flogger, and even the clothespins out. The part I failed to mention is when I am in a mindset and a tad cheeky from earlier, Sir was missed and I paid for that dearly. Since I couldn’t move and He had an opportunity to use it, He did – Tiger Balm just on the outside off my ass hole. Tiger Balm used on my shoulders and legs is one thing, on other body parts … well that was an entirely different beast. At first there was no burning sensation – I thought maybe He was just playing and didn’t really use it but in the time I had that hopeful thought (about 30 seconds), I knew otherwise.

OMFG, I wanted to smack Him. At this point He decided predicament play was in the works. He uncuffed me and let me catch my breath. Me thinking, Oh thank god that was over – He turned the vibrator on my clit. This isn’t so bad you are pondering – well it is when you ARE a Squirter and you HAVE Tiger Balm burning lightly on your ass …liquid of any sort makes it worse. So do I cum or do I hold it? Well my poor brain didn’t know if it was cumming or going (HAHA). Holding/Releasing orgasms for me is a fight as it is for my brain – adding this little dynamic didn’t help matters (well for Him it did). I took a little from column A and then from B – it made it much more tolerable to the amusement of Syn.

Thinking back on it now – it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was – not something I wish to encounter on my pussy lips though for future punishment – as I have been warned – and now know He will do it to prove a point with me.

Overall, besides the Tiger Balm (which I rightly deserved) it was an awesome night. He is not holding back as much – even letting go more so than the last time. I just want Him to know, that I really am not a delicate flower, I can take more pain (gradually throughout play) and not be pissed at Him, have Him feel that He is hurting me without my permission, or thinking that He is taking it too far. It was also sexy to see Him with the drops of sweat on His forehead. Pain is Pleasure, in my eyes… mind and body I might add.

During Munch the next night, I squirmed on my seat and this pleased me beyond what I can describe. It reminds me of the time I have with Syn, and the Love W/we have for each other. It was noticed by a couple of others who assumed my ass got a tanning and that gave me little giggles…deep down I am an exhibitionist.
Later after Munch, W/we went to a friends’ house (who happen to be Poly and W/we met their “secondaries” that came out from the City). This is the sort of thing I miss, Being able to socialize with people without having to have your guard up ALL the time. If it slips out about something that happened while playing, or they notice you are squirming, W/we can add it simply into the conversation without missing a beat… hehe.

I know this is all new to Syn, and He is adjusting quite well with it. He is getting more comfortable with the Other side of Himself… however He stills has some obstacles in His mind He needs to hurdle – but then again, don’t we all in Life. I know I still do – as I have a couple of hard limits because of an experience or two I had. I hope that I can let that guard down with Him so that W/we can change the experience into something fantastic for U/us to enjoy.
I see that this post is very long, and I need to eat, find clothes, check emails, buy a few grocery items and see Syn yet today.

Till next time,



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