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{June 19, 2014}   Would you date a masochist?


Most people shy away from such people… as they do from Sadists. They think of these acts as you having a mental issue… in a very negative way. You can be a masochist without it going to the extreme and having a partner that understands how your head works.

One way to describe being a Masochist to me: You pleasure yourself with the physical pain; drowning the mental pain.

A masochist likes being in pain. It really is that simple. Masochism is a kind of perversion where the person enjoys being tortured, either mentally and/or physically. Sadists, on the other hand, like giving out pain, humiliate, mind-fuck if you will etc. They’re the perfect couple, well in my opinion anyway – as long as it is done in a healthy manner.

I am a Masochist, I have known and been experiencing it since I was very young. An example would be me being one of those kids that enjoyed playing with their scabs. I still have an obsession with it, along with needing to pop a zit. I love the feeling I get, slowly taking it off… draining it… watch it scab over and do it all again. I can’t explain why to anyone. It gets me off, and you can see in my face the fascination and satisfaction it gives me. I know many think that would make me slightly off…and honestly, I am alright with that.

When I gave birth to all three of my children – it was natural birth…no drugs. I used the endorphins from the pain to ride it through. My Mother to this day can’t believe that I did that with barely a noise from my mouth.

In the beginning of O/our relationship, it is hard to admit to someone what you like sexually. If you know me, you would be surprised that being referred to as a pain slut or having Him know that I was one, scared me. I could talk about everything else sex-wise… but that was the one thing I hesitated with. I would hint at it…and He picks up on things like that very easily when it comes to me. With O/our relationship being that it is more organic, He discovered more and more of it on His own.

I love to have pain given to me…it just plain gets me off. It is quite catharsis for me… as I am not normally a person to show my emotions. To be in a relationship with a Sadist, Syn – W/we play off each other really well… it is all about the TPE (Total Power Exchange)… there is a lot of give and take.

Personally, I enjoy the thought of being insulted, degraded, mocked, sensation play with a twist, predicament play, clamping parts of the body with clothespins, forceps, nipple clamps or similar devices, humiliated in private, pinched, bitten, impact play, light strangle holds, being gagged, bound, forced to do tasks, forced to act as a tool for sexual pleasure, and I have been forced to act as a pet or animal. As you can see the list is many – Syn will never be bored with me LoL.

Why would someone want to experience pain? Why would someone else feel pleasure that could in the least way be considered ‘moral’ by inflicting pain on another person?

The important thing to understand first is the active dynamic between U/us. W/we are drawing off of each other’s energy, reactions and responses to build O/our scene and ultimately experience a very intense and passionate experience together.

One thing you will find with this type of arrangement is that through deep, probing discussions and debrief periods (which W/we have a lot of), the Dominant/Sadist learns what the limits and desires are of the submissive/masochist. If W/we didn’t have this, W/we would not be where W/we are today.

As the intensity of play grows from each time W/we play, I am able to take more and more intense sessions. Syn as a Sadist, He gets the satisfaction, depth of self-discovery and enjoyment also. While I am having an experience of intense altered states of consciousness from just the adrenalin and endorphins flowing through me, the adrenalin rush is growing as well for Syn. He gets to play with a very willing and consenting masochist. He gets to have those very satisfying feelings of exercising His control and Sadistic leanings without guilt. The result for U/us is mutual satisfaction that brings the connection felt between U/us to a very strong level. When this is combined within the depths of O/our D/s relationship, the result is a Stronger bond of Love, Trust, Respect and much Satisfaction.


I leave you with this – something I found:

The bond between the sadist and the masochist is the greatest of all romantic bonds.

The sadist is not an alpha male, nor is he a beta, he is something else entirely.
He neither relishes the chase, nor the typical romance.
He loves the masochist, who willingly is made helpless.

This bond formed out of trust is the strongest and the only way the sadist can show love.


What say you?

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