Seldom Seen Way

{March 8, 2015}   I am a little sex drunk.

Just a little I tell ya.

I started it… without really meaning to. Sunday for us is normally us time/play time….time for re-connect physically in whatever manner that pleases Him… which in turn pleases me. I don’t normally suggest Play… it is what He wants… however I missed Him, His touch, His voice in my ear, His mouth on my lips.

I just started randomly by doing this:

Me: I miss You

Sir: I miss you too 😐 A lot

Me: I am horny… I have an urge for latex… I just want to get off… however I don’t want rough 😐

if that made any sense.

Sir: it does my little fae, and if you wish, you have been a Good Girl, and we can do that 😉

Me: really?

Sir: yes my little fae. really

And that was the end of it – nothing more was said about it last night.

Next day -wake up and make myself get mobile… a pain sometimes. The only really motivating thing I had was that it was time with Sir. I had explained to Him that I needed to go to VV to drop off the bags I had in the trunk… and He thought that was a great idea since He could have a look around.

When we got there, I remembered it was 50% day… and holy crap was it ever busy. In the end, He ended up getting a new book (new as it wasn’t read) that He just saw at Chapters for $4… and He said I could pick out something for myself. I was balking a bit, cause I could have waited till next week – however He didn’t want anything of that. “You have been a Good Girl – I like them both. You are getting them.” I now have 2 new tops that I really love. ❤

Then the next question, “do you have anything else you need to do today my little fae” “No Sir. except get gas for the car.”

After doing this, it was decided supper will wait till later and we would go back to His place.

As I sit naked on the floor by the sofa with Him, we started to fool around. I was so excited by this, as it has been awhile… (and yes Thursday sleepover was awesome with sex… but not the same). He lightly teased my slit, rubbing my ass, and sweet nothings in my ears. I might have came a few times right then, literally dripping wet from this. I get off on getting Him off and that is what I did.

After servicing Him – He said it was my turn… “go to the bedroom and prepare the bed”… Yes Sir.

I ensured there were 3 towels for under my ass – because if I was dripping wet now – I can just imagine what I would be later, and I don’t want to have to clean up the bed too.

There was no rough play, I had many types of vibes (inflatable too) on me, and in me, and gloves on my nipples, rubbing up and down my legs, on my neck, in and on my mouth. Just the gloves got me so excited – it is so hard to describe, and add His mouth on my clit… I was explosive.

There is always a twist when Sir takes a suggestion from me… Always. In this case, He was gentle alright, and when you are tied down to the bed, and no where to go, and it becomes forced orgasms for the next hour or so, your brain goes putty. I so wanted to smack Him and love Him at the same time.

He was smart.. He started off with the lighter vibes and worked His way up to the big one. I was actually sweating at one point, asked for water and could feel that the towel beneath my ass was sopping wet.

After play, He just snuggled with me, and because I am usually very horny at this point still, He started to give me a bare hand spanking. I was in a happy zone. I also just wanted Him to lay on me, to get as much as His body on me. He obliged – with light bites on the back, and His breath in my ears, at that point I just wanted Him in me.

And that He did, fucking me from behind… and me meeting up with His thrusts. To my surprise (but oh so happy one), I got fucked in the ass. I was a happy fucking girl at that point. I didn’t want the night to end.

We snuggled a bit more, before we dragged ourselves out of the bed to have a quit shower. NOW, we were hungry… and we tend to eat big after playing. This part of After-care for us is crucial – we both drop fast afterwards. During our meal, we think about the evening, debrief, grin really big, and I could just sit there all night looking at Him. He is so fucking Hot… and He was wearing His brown suede fuck me jacket… that is what I call it anyway. I even mentioned how He was making me horny while sitting there watching Him… He offered that we could go back and do more LoL… I would have said yes – if it wasn’t for the fact my tummy was full and orgasm cramps were coming and going.

The last part of After-care for us – is that I need a coffee… many need a smoke – but nope – not me – coffee it is. It soothes my tummy, my brain and brings me back to earth somewhat.

And that is what we did – I got my medium 1 sugar to go home with… I took Sir home, kissy faced in the driveway and finally came home.

I write this more because I miss Him so much already and it allows me to think back to earlier today… I am one fucking lucky girl to have found a Man like Him.

I told Him tonight, I have never said I love You to someone as much as I have with Him. As much as I want people to think I am a hard ass – I am one huge sucky pants…and I am alright with that, as long as He is with me.

Now I will finish my coffee, give him a ❤ in our gtalk chat and play some WoW, as this is Dot-time now.

I love You Sir… more than I can ever show You ❤


i feel this. Good for You.

What say you?

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