Seldom Seen Way

{March 18, 2016}   Story time with dot ;)

This week has been an interesting one for me. There has been up and downs, yet it is not from the relationship – it was with my body/state of mind.

i rarely get sick – as in ohmyfuckinggodpleasemakeitstop sick. However this past Tuesday was the beginning of it. You know that feeling that there might be something wrong in the back of your head…but everything “seems” all right?

Yeah – that feeling.

Tuesday was a normal Tuesday for the most part. i got up, got Sir to work, had to jump rope because the stupid treadmill decided it didn’t like the powercord i found, did my tasks about the house, check work email, and get ready to go to work. Boring – i know – tell me about it.

So, there i am at work, doing the dispatch for the next next day, working on some International orders, and having that hmmm, something is wrong, not sure what it is feeling. i keep on working and **BAM** the head starts pounding…i chalk it up to stress as per usual and take a couple of Advil.

An hour later, it is not going away…wait – something is wrong here…and now my lower back is sore?!? WTF?!?

Okay – i can get through this – let me get this Mexico order of the way – FUUUUCK, why is this printer screwing around…AUGH, that is another certificate i will have to replace, AND another one???

Please note – Head pounding is full on now – See – Stress – Right?

FINALLY – after manipulating the damn macro on that excel sheet – i made the text box fit what i need… going home now i am.

i get home at 1:30am and drop my stuff to go to the nerd cave to greet Sir. The head is still pounding, the lower back is still aching and my brain is in overdrive.

Sir needs to go to sleep, and i wander to the bedroom, kneel at the bed to have Him remove my collar, i thank Him and He kisses me goodnight before He goes to Bed.

At this point, i wander back to the nerd-cave and catch up on the social medias, read a few articles, and know i need to get into bed. This is the part that hits me…i can’t get comfortable, my muscles especially in my legs are starting to hurt more than usual, the lower back too (?).

Shit – i need to get up, i have not set up the coffee for Sir for morning. Thinking that i am up anyway – a couple of Advil more might be good, so at least to numb it a touch.


Sir is about to wake me to have morning sex (my favourite by the way) – He looks at me, i look at Him – and i was in no condition to move in manners that required you to while participating in sexy time. The stomach was rolling, the lower back was giving me pains, the muscles of my entire body were aching – i think i got the flu – and all i wanted was SEX damn it. And since Sir nor i are into emetophilia that was not going to happen my Friends.

i rarely call/email to work to ask for a sick day – the last time was like 3-4 years ago. However sitting there, getting sharp pains, stomach rolling, starting to burn up – there was no way i could work. i barely got Sir to work as it was.

You know you are sick when you do not remove yourself from the bed till Sir MAKES you move to the couch, when He got home from work. i am the one that is to take care of Him. This is where i felt useless on Wednesday – no tasks done, no supper made, barely able to move to drink a glass of water, and eyes strained and gave up when trying to catch up with Sir watching Constantine on my tablet. i couldn’t even get my arse to work – and thankfully my sick days are paid – but still – it is that feeling you get of not being able to do something.

i am grateful Sir took care of me – Okay so it was more of “Damn it dot – let me take care of you already”…LoL – stubborn i am. He made me some popcorn as it was light to eat (literally light as i felt so heavy in my arms) and put me on the couch. He watched episodes of Constantine with me that He already watched – now that is Love <3. i did only get through a couple of them before i had to close eyes from being sore though. Instead i listened/watched while He stayed with me, playing some Division, and not leave my side.

i am going to fastforward – went to work on Thursday (as it being Cali-night and all) and regretted it big time…i was very happy when my minion came in at 10:30pm – i finished what i was doing and went home.

Wandering home, walk into the house – drop my stuff to go to the nerd cave to greet Sir. i get my stuff put away, strip down and catch up on my social media (SEE THE PATTERN LOL).

Sir was touchy last night – which i love – His hands feeling me is one of my favourite things in the world. He was nibbling at my ear – another big fave – and flicking my nipples (Which control my pussy)…i was horny as fuck.

i serviced Sir’s cock and balls for a good hour – He came, i cleaned Him up and then it was His bed-time. i wander to the bedroom behind Him, kneel at the bed to have Him remove my collar, i thank Him and He kisses me goodnight before He goes to Bed.

Yeah – soooo, i wander back to the nerd-cave – Horny as fuck – He didn’t say i couild cum, yet i was so fucking wet and willing, yet there is nothing i can do about it  – and it is 2:30am – GRRRRR.

That was a long 30 minutes of attempting to relax – normally i am up till 4am – just couldn’t do it. i wandered to bed, lay on my back, one hand on my breast, the othe just touching my pussy lips – to re-live the last hour or so in my dreams.

Remember what i said about Tuesday – well this morning, i got morning sex…and fuck it was glorious…and i don’t just say that – when i don’t get sex for a day or two – sex is fucking glorious. Period.

It was not just sex though – hehe – i got a good pounding via fisting – hard and fast – the way i love it when i have pent up sexual tension, add vag and anal sex, with a vibrator – and it is a OMFG – Please Sir, please, please, please… though i have no idea what i am pleasing/asking for – the brain goes jelly.

To top this experience, This Man eats pussy better than any other partner(m or f) i have had – and He loves forced orgasms to boot. Put those two together and what do you get – FUCKING AWESOMENESS – that is what.

There was a point where He slapped my ass a couple of times – and oh at that point – i could have taken much much more as i was in a happy happy place. i wanted more and Sir wanted more – however responsibilities/being an adult that needs to work steps on the Fun at times.

I will end the story time here –

Though if you looked at the sheets on the bed – you would think we did just fine with what time we did have:




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