Seldom Seen Way

{May 27, 2016}   The wanting to write.

You know that feeling, back in your head – things swimming around, not wanting to be drowned out – screaming a little louder so you will notice and acknowledge it.

There is that want, yet there are too many screams to distinguish one from the others. The head is pounding on top of all this.

It is like my head/body know that after tonight, it is on “holidays” for a week. Yet the way they are shaping up to be, it won’t be much me time available. It is like i am on a constant move. There is always so much to do and no time to get it done.

The headache i am having is a tension/stress one – as the 3 extra strength Advil still haven’t kicked in since before 5pm (it is now after 7pm). In saying that, my feet/legs feel better.

In the next few hours, i am going to not be able to stop and really relax. Hell, i have been interrupted 3x already with writing this small blurb.

Make that 6x now… seriously – people are so not organized it hurts my head… as i am the one that has to “fix” something, answer the questions cause no one else is in the office who should be answering it, and i really need a coffee.

It is now 8pm – i am hungry, i need coffee, and just want to be done with this day already.

Today, i was trying to get things ready for the weekend. The toy bags are packed, the clothes washed/dried, the suitcase is ready to be filled, and the toiletry bag is half packed till we are done with our morning.

If i get home at a decent hour (not looking good by the way), maybe sleep will be something i get. We will have to get up, get ready, with me quickly packing the car – and drive 2 hours with no sleep. The first workshop is at noon. We have to leave the city by 9 to ensure we have time.

Saturday and Sunday will be busy days – and we will be driving home Monday morning, to ensure Sir gets to work on time.

After a little nap for me, i think that will be a good time to update you all on the workshops and the weekend fun.

NOW, back to the paperwork piling on my desk, perhaps a salad thrown into my mouth and a coffee to calm the nerves.





What say you?

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