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{October 19, 2017}   At work…

10-18-2017 11-58-03 PM


My minion is late again, and this means i will have to write him up. This does not make me happy on a couple of fronts.

  1. He is not being mindful of his fellow workers with his tardiness – and the extra work this has caused them.
  2. I am the other person in the office that has to stay to fulfil his hours while he likely slept in.
  3. I hate the coffee at the office.
  4. This fucking sucks.
  5. I am attempting to get all the exports (Japan, California and Iowa) done in time.


It is now 3am. I am home. Time to unwind.


{October 12, 2017}   End of Night.

Wow, it has been a very steady evening workwise. There is another day to go before the weekend where we go to the City to facilitate a MAsT meeting.

The topic this month is <What ‘haunts’ your M/s>. The write up found on FetLife:

The hurdles we face in Ms dynamics aren’t generally unique to this lifestyle. For example, trying to connect while on different schedules, having conflicting priorities, using mismatched communication styles, and/or living with chronic illness or pain can haunt any relationship. The way we work with these issues while maintaining and building upon an Ms dynamic magnifies the difference between Ms and ‘vanilla’ relationships.

This Saturday, we will be discussing various difficulties faced in forming strong Ms dynamics, be them long or short term and with or without romantic love, and sharing ideas for solutions and work arounds to limit these potentially hazardous threats.

I believe this should spark some good conversation around the room.

We are also taking some time to visit with a couple of very good friends this Saturday and Sunday. Schedules and such haven’t been our Friends lately when it comes to connecting with people.

It appears the dispatching of orders for tomorrow will not do it itself… so back to work i go – one more hour, i hope.





{October 12, 2017}   Purging.

It has started as a great day and hopefully, it will continue into the evening while i am at work.

Waking up with Sir, and having Him hold onto me while in bed, fingers lightly touching my tummy (one of my fave spots) and nipples…His breathing into my ear…makes this girl like jello.

We got Sir to work and i came home. It started with me realizing that we likely will get snow this weekend (i hope not but with my luck) and the potted plants need to be cleaned out and put out to the compost bin. Well, it started as that with me then moving stuff into the garage for winter, to noticing that i need to move things around to make room and then me starting to remove crap. (Wow, long run on sentence there)

There was a lot of cardboard that could be recycled, boxes that i never opened and sort, and moving items to a better-arranged area.

The only reason i stopped was that the recycling bin was full, as was the garbage bin. It feels good with what i have already accomplished and i believe i will continue tomorrow. Thankfully Friday is garbage pickup.

Anyway, now to get ready for work… talk to you all later!


{October 4, 2017}   Sleep

Please come to me tonight.

Brain please shut the fuck up.

Body please quit aching.

{October 3, 2017}   Happiness turns to Anger

with me, it can happen in a heartbeat – especially when something is slammed at you from the sideline.

That is how i am feeling right now.



The Ungratefulness that is now more than apparent.




Seeing Red.

Wanted to do self-harm.

Trying to not listen to my Head.

This may be cryptic – however, i can’t share everything – and i don’t know if i could. The feelings i have though – that i can share openly.



{October 2, 2017}   A little news…

which is something that I have been sitting on for a few days.

We needed to ensure that certain “Family” was aware before it became public to all. My parents were the last ones on Sunday.

This is the Announcement from Sir:

“Many years ago I sat down at a Tim Hortons to have coffee with a cute brunette, we talked, laughed, and haven’t left each other’s side since. On Friday I asked that cute brunette to marry me, and am speechless that she said yes. I love you (Dot), you are my best friend, my stability, my little fae, and my partner in crime. I can’t wait for the next 50 years together”

Sir and i will be together for 10 years come this December. Keeping this secret all weekend from many people has been very difficult. If we could have told each person personally (though that would have taken a very long time), someone in the interim would have been upset along the way due to someone else spilling the beans sooner than later.

Usually, i would have spilt it out here, however, i know several people in the community read this blog (more than i even realized).

This girl is very happy, happier than i thought i would be with this news. There is much more going on in my head.

And it is hard as of late to find the time to write – as i am doing this right now at work LoL  Hopefully a touch later this week, i will squeeze in more updates.


{October 1, 2017}   Sunday

One more day….

{September 29, 2017}   Happy

I can’t stop grinning tonight. I am a happy girl. My night started crappy and ended better than I could imagine.

I will fill you all in later 🙂

{September 17, 2017}   Been quiet

It has been a busy few weeks…I hope to have my head quiet enough to write about it.

{September 2, 2017}   This Hour…

omg people – this is an ungodly hour to be getting up and being a functional human being.

Why do we do this to ourselves??



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