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{February 27, 2017}   First Day of the Next Year.

This weekend was most likely the best celebration of my yearly event. There was nothing crazy and wild going, no birthday beatings or being spoiled with useless material items.

It was a weekend that made me smile and have tears at the end of it of happiness.

It started off at home at 9 am, when i told my oldest daughter that i would pick her up from the dealership as she was getting some recall work done on her truck. The only thing with that time is that i wasn’t done work until 2:30 am, and finally got home closer to 3. Knowing how i am and going to sleep it was closer to  5 am for me.

Anyway, i picked up Belle and brought her to the house. And i went to lay back down for a couple of more hours to feel better rested.  She took the time to continue cleaning out the bedroom that she had most of Life stored in since June (she just bought a house with her Partner just before Yule and still doing some reno’s)

She also decided to tidy up, put away the dishes that were in the dishwasher, clean up the coffee bar, and wash floors so that i could enjoy the time off without worrying about what i need to do when we get back. That was a great gift – to alleviate some of my anxiety and allow me to relax on that front.

Apparently, we didn’t get to leave as early as we wanted due to the dealership not calling to tell her they didn’t have the parts. We made it work, though, it meant shopping was a Sunday thing instead.

We drove into the City and got to Sir L and el’s place about 7 pm – giving us time to have a quick visit and a couple of drinks to start the evening. Sir had picked out my outfit for the most part and said sensible shoes (smart man LoL). He corseted me up (which is a favourite time with Him now that He is pretty proficient with it) and away we went.

Please note – this is what i can remember LoL – if i forget anything or anyone – i apolgize now as there was so much going on 🙂

Arriving at Subwoofer, the wonderful Miss J was at the door and greeted us as she appeared to be taking a break from Bootblacking. Taking our usual seats in the back corner, we noticed how quiet it was for the time…however, that changed quickly and people we recognized were wandering in. Snug and her partner sat with us until the rest of their crew showed up. It was good to sit and talk with those two.

All in all – It was an awesome night, as i was dreading a bit to going (only a few people know to the why), and had to tell myself to let things go and have fun.  And fun i had. i was talking to one person about corsets, and another on Life in general as a slave and our “pasts”. i got to watch Miss J black Sir’s boots which look awesome by the way. We had a great conversation with Miss J as that was happening (note to self to ensure we make time for Tea with Her when time permits). It was too bad we didn’t get to see Her girls.

A surprise visit from the other House as they wandered up to us. It was good to see Betty and her crew show up along with a couple of tag-a-longs.

i discovered a new shooter that i think is a new favourite – thanks to eius-socius, i now know what they are and love White Chinas. It was really good to be able to have one on one with her talking.

i got to see many yagger and white china shots that evening (thanks to all who contributed) and there was no complaining by me. There were several doubles of Green Apples to chase those down.

Sunday getting up hurt a touch – only because 11 am is -early- for me, other than that i was good. Breakfast was yummy, as el made french toast banana bread with a strawberry compote and chocolate syrup ❤

After cleaning up our room, showered, and say our goodbyes we went to the Mall. We wandered about as it has been close to a year since we have been. Sir bought me a new mug  (It is Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children) and a couple of shirts for Himself.

As it was getting late, we still needed to go to Betty’s House. Sir needed to help out with a virus thing on their laptop. It allowed a quick visit before we were on the road again.

The ride home was quiet and allowed us to contemplate the last couple of days…with random comments. You know that time when something you remembered and you just want to share little snippets – that is what i would call it.

Being at home and seeing our furry assholes signalled to me that i could relax and enjoy this vacation that started off great. To add to it, the other daughter came by too and did a couple of things (clean the fridge as one) to help out.

The bath was drawn with Epson salts to soak and then the jets came on, with bubble bath to agitate. It felt luxurious and Sir woke me from my small nap as i seemed to be taking awhile. It was then time for a hot tea and a bagel while we watched an episode of Bones before bed.

It was a weekend that i thanked Sir many times for – as He knows how i usually act the month or so and during my Birthday. i made an effort this year not to go into a low, and to enjoy what i have and who is in my Life.

i want to again to thank everyone that was there this weekend – you might not realize what you did, however just being there and taking time to share some of it with me – means more than i can tell you.

And you know what –  i am a blessed woman.


{March 18, 2016}   Story time with dot ;)

This week has been an interesting one for me. There has been up and downs, yet it is not from the relationship – it was with my body/state of mind.

i rarely get sick – as in ohmyfuckinggodpleasemakeitstop sick. However this past Tuesday was the beginning of it. You know that feeling that there might be something wrong in the back of your head…but everything “seems” all right?

Yeah – that feeling.

Tuesday was a normal Tuesday for the most part. i got up, got Sir to work, had to jump rope because the stupid treadmill decided it didn’t like the powercord i found, did my tasks about the house, check work email, and get ready to go to work. Boring – i know – tell me about it.

So, there i am at work, doing the dispatch for the next next day, working on some International orders, and having that hmmm, something is wrong, not sure what it is feeling. i keep on working and **BAM** the head starts pounding…i chalk it up to stress as per usual and take a couple of Advil.

An hour later, it is not going away…wait – something is wrong here…and now my lower back is sore?!? WTF?!?

Okay – i can get through this – let me get this Mexico order of the way – FUUUUCK, why is this printer screwing around…AUGH, that is another certificate i will have to replace, AND another one???

Please note – Head pounding is full on now – See – Stress – Right?

FINALLY – after manipulating the damn macro on that excel sheet – i made the text box fit what i need… going home now i am.

i get home at 1:30am and drop my stuff to go to the nerd cave to greet Sir. The head is still pounding, the lower back is still aching and my brain is in overdrive.

Sir needs to go to sleep, and i wander to the bedroom, kneel at the bed to have Him remove my collar, i thank Him and He kisses me goodnight before He goes to Bed.

At this point, i wander back to the nerd-cave and catch up on the social medias, read a few articles, and know i need to get into bed. This is the part that hits me…i can’t get comfortable, my muscles especially in my legs are starting to hurt more than usual, the lower back too (?).

Shit – i need to get up, i have not set up the coffee for Sir for morning. Thinking that i am up anyway – a couple of Advil more might be good, so at least to numb it a touch.


Sir is about to wake me to have morning sex (my favourite by the way) – He looks at me, i look at Him – and i was in no condition to move in manners that required you to while participating in sexy time. The stomach was rolling, the lower back was giving me pains, the muscles of my entire body were aching – i think i got the flu – and all i wanted was SEX damn it. And since Sir nor i are into emetophilia that was not going to happen my Friends.

i rarely call/email to work to ask for a sick day – the last time was like 3-4 years ago. However sitting there, getting sharp pains, stomach rolling, starting to burn up – there was no way i could work. i barely got Sir to work as it was.

You know you are sick when you do not remove yourself from the bed till Sir MAKES you move to the couch, when He got home from work. i am the one that is to take care of Him. This is where i felt useless on Wednesday – no tasks done, no supper made, barely able to move to drink a glass of water, and eyes strained and gave up when trying to catch up with Sir watching Constantine on my tablet. i couldn’t even get my arse to work – and thankfully my sick days are paid – but still – it is that feeling you get of not being able to do something.

i am grateful Sir took care of me – Okay so it was more of “Damn it dot – let me take care of you already”…LoL – stubborn i am. He made me some popcorn as it was light to eat (literally light as i felt so heavy in my arms) and put me on the couch. He watched episodes of Constantine with me that He already watched – now that is Love <3. i did only get through a couple of them before i had to close eyes from being sore though. Instead i listened/watched while He stayed with me, playing some Division, and not leave my side.

i am going to fastforward – went to work on Thursday (as it being Cali-night and all) and regretted it big time…i was very happy when my minion came in at 10:30pm – i finished what i was doing and went home.

Wandering home, walk into the house – drop my stuff to go to the nerd cave to greet Sir. i get my stuff put away, strip down and catch up on my social media (SEE THE PATTERN LOL).

Sir was touchy last night – which i love – His hands feeling me is one of my favourite things in the world. He was nibbling at my ear – another big fave – and flicking my nipples (Which control my pussy)…i was horny as fuck.

i serviced Sir’s cock and balls for a good hour – He came, i cleaned Him up and then it was His bed-time. i wander to the bedroom behind Him, kneel at the bed to have Him remove my collar, i thank Him and He kisses me goodnight before He goes to Bed.

Yeah – soooo, i wander back to the nerd-cave – Horny as fuck – He didn’t say i couild cum, yet i was so fucking wet and willing, yet there is nothing i can do about it  – and it is 2:30am – GRRRRR.

That was a long 30 minutes of attempting to relax – normally i am up till 4am – just couldn’t do it. i wandered to bed, lay on my back, one hand on my breast, the othe just touching my pussy lips – to re-live the last hour or so in my dreams.

Remember what i said about Tuesday – well this morning, i got morning sex…and fuck it was glorious…and i don’t just say that – when i don’t get sex for a day or two – sex is fucking glorious. Period.

It was not just sex though – hehe – i got a good pounding via fisting – hard and fast – the way i love it when i have pent up sexual tension, add vag and anal sex, with a vibrator – and it is a OMFG – Please Sir, please, please, please… though i have no idea what i am pleasing/asking for – the brain goes jelly.

To top this experience, This Man eats pussy better than any other partner(m or f) i have had – and He loves forced orgasms to boot. Put those two together and what do you get – FUCKING AWESOMENESS – that is what.

There was a point where He slapped my ass a couple of times – and oh at that point – i could have taken much much more as i was in a happy happy place. i wanted more and Sir wanted more – however responsibilities/being an adult that needs to work steps on the Fun at times.

I will end the story time here –

Though if you looked at the sheets on the bed – you would think we did just fine with what time we did have:



{January 27, 2016}   Things that Make me smile:

Today after I dropped Him off to work Sir says “I hope your day is a better one, my girl”

-hoping so too, Sir was the reply.

With that – i thought to make this day better – and what better way is to think of the things He does to make me Smile – as that is His goal everyday… the one thing He strives for.

**A couple of weeks ago, we went to one of His staff events in the City – And the one thing we have never done in all the years we have been together, He surprised me and asked that we danced together.

**A couple of weeks prior to that – we were at a bar in the City with Friends, and thought omg can that man actually move to the music – just sitting there at the Table – i was memorized – and honestly wetter than the ocean. It was a huge turn-on – and makes me still twitch and smile thinking about it.

**Every morning He puts on my collar, and every evening i kneel by the bed, for Him to unlock and remove it for bed-time.

**When we are sitting at our desks, backs to each other, He reaches out and gives my head a scratch/rub

**When i need some quiet time, kneeling at His feet with my head on His legs while He is working at the computer – hand touching my head once in awhile and giving me pets

**Every night when He calls me at work – just hearing His voice on the other end helps me relax and be able to get through the next half of my shift

**Sitting in the car, and He puts His hand on mine on the center console

**Watching Him and my oldest holding conversations when she is here visiting – Odd I know to post – however for me i know how hard it is for Belle open up – and be comfortable. This means to me, that she sees Sir as Family… and not just the guy Mom is sleeping/living with.

**When Sir treats my children like they are His especially the youngest as He has been part of her life since she was barely 13. He is a great step-dad.


eeek – augh time is a bitch sometimes – have some ground chicken – perhaps chicken burgers will come of it.

My stickie note (use the one on the computer) that lists everything that was completed


make the bed
laundry – the sheets
make some chicken burgers and veggies – maybe some noodles
15 squats – and omfg this hurts
dishes in the dishwasher
pots on the stove – wash
give the microwave a good wipe
clean the cat’s water dish and sweep in that corner
mend my sweater

As you can tell, i was somewhat productive. Oh and before i forget – we posted our coffee thing on Fetlife. Really glad to do something “at home” and not always bitch cause there is nothing to do here. There is nothing so we need to make something.

And we can’t complain about the weather – we can see the deck – and the sunroom door is opened up for the fur-babies.

A few clouds

A few clouds




Be well A/all





Yeah – except when you are so tired to even operate a tassimo.

I put the sugar in my mug, lifted the lid to put a disc in – it flashes at me to wipe the spout.

Pull out disc, grab a rag, wipe it, put disc in and viola it is working.

Working so well that I wasted the little bit of sugar I had left in the house for a old disc not the fresh one that was sitting there staring at me.

Anyway – I realized I missed a part on Monday evening when we got back from my Parents.

We were playing in the living room… It didn’t matter what Sir did, even a little pinch of the nips I cringed – which I just put off as need more warm-up nothing new there.

However when it came to Fisting – one of my favourite activities, I couldn’t relax enough – that is rare.

I couldn’t get into the head space at all…It wasn’t going to happen.

He stopped – looked at me – “You are not feeling well”.

“I just can’t seem to relax”

Him: “I see that”

Other than that I was feeling great – just apparently not enough to be fisted from the looks of it.

One thing about me is that I don’t need to have an orgasm – since I have several through out the day – I reassured Him I was in a good place and did what I am fucking awesome at…  I am happiest when I know He has had one… and He did.


Sir: “That changes the plans tonight”

Grrr – that means no flogging for me 😦 – but I understood why.

“I think I used all my masochistic tendencies left in my body for our parents” – Sunday for His, Monday for Mine. – we both giggled.

Instead, this Man being as loving as He is – was gentle and sweet, and went down on me… several orgasms later, in His arms, laying on the floor, teasing me as I enjoy that most… with Daisy (the Queen of that Home) seeing if it was safe to come back into the room.

Even when things seem to be awkward – we know how to put it back on track so neither of us feel bad. That is what I love about our relationship – we know each so well – it is scary at times. We can turn something that normally would stop a couple’s sex drive to a halt, for us, re-adjust it and ensure we both get something from it.

Wow – I hope that made sense – because in my head it did LoL.

So back to Day 2 of cleaning – I have already removed one garbage bag out of the room – I had thrown out a scale that is 20 lbs out, several jeans that were ripped etc (normally I would recycle but this is like their third time doing this) and lots of papers/cards etc that I needed to let go off.

I found a shit pile of batteries (thank the goddess) though I have no idea if they work, pens, pens and more pens (I write in bed and l kept losing them – damn cats), and some tiger balm (?), and 2 pairs of glasses.

You can see I have been busy… back to the grind I go…

FYI – Supper of ribs, mashed taters with skins and broccoli slaw went over really well last night.  Tonight it is pulled pork – and whatever else I can figure out.

et cetera
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