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{May 4, 2017}   Topics.

{May 3, 2017}   Draft topics/titles:

Touch ago, i wrote that i have several drafts just waiting to be written – some of them have been sitting there for nearly a year. Some you can tell what they are obviously about, and there a few that the title is vague. All that really matters at this point is that i know what they concern. Many of them will not go beyond what you see now.

Fascinated by this and how it works: Herd mentality, or mob mentality, describes how people are influenced by their peers to adopt certain behaviours. A group of 3 or more persons, who act with a negative group conscience to show strength in numbers.

The secrets that are entrusted to you and not bring them up so as to not hurt people you know. What it does to you and hope that you can trust others with your information. I found this apparently is not the case.

People tend to forget what you have done for them when they were in distress – and how it may affect the person/people dealing with their issues with them.

People are not always what they seem. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

What is a Master (to me)?

Insecurity, Character and how they align.

Accepting an apology the first time and letting it go.

Oddball. I feel like the one that doesn’t belong.

Being appreciated.

Owning your shit, and not take on other’s shit as your own to not deal with yours.

Great Weekend Getaway

The Instant Gratification Age

Romance comes in different ways.

A secret love affair…

Still Buzzing.

{November 22, 2016}   DomSplained

When a -note- of the combined conversations/discussions of a night of MAsT on Consideration and Training is responded to by an individual who is obviously not from the area, nor understand what MAsT does … ends with her commenting after some dribble “Many people don’t do consideration or training periods. I never did it with my master. He’s been doing this since you were about eleven years old and has never done that consideration or treating with any of his relationships.”

The last line is what did it to me: “Why is it that I feel like I’ve just been DomSplained?” – You wish to bitch slap them. Good for you – I am glad it worked out for you.

The reason I say this is – I tend to read the profiles of the commenters – when you say one thing and read or do another, you do not become credible. It is interesting when your profile states one thing, and you read through it and find something else entirely – you were not considered? you didn’t train? I call bullshit – wait – your profile tells me that. Sockpuppet/troll accounts really piss me off.

I suppose she must know what we were discussing as a group – with the back and forth, and sharing. She must know what people were wanting to know, and wanted to ask – some afraid to even speak, yet got out of their comfort spot to do so.

If the information came off as DomSplaining… then I do not know what I can say – since I am definitely not a Dom and I was the one that put the notes together. There were a few websites sited and their words used – to give our members some links that may be helpful in their Life and Journey with TPE.

I am a little pissed off – and that is alright.

It was a good meeting with a lot of good information. I do hope that people got what they needed from it.

Edit (2 days later) : You definitely can tell i was agitated when i wrote this.

{March 27, 2015}   I need to blog…

however I am not in the right mindset to do it.

I have had to switch my shift 3x this week ( Monday/Tuesday and today being #3) – and my brain is not a happy camper with all this.

So another placeholder *reminder* to myself to get to it on the weekend at some point.

Hope your day is a great one!

Laters A/all


It appears I am blogging.

The weekend was eventful to say the least – however it was fucking worth it.

When I don’t have a splitting headache – I will indeed elaborate – this is my reminder to do so.

To each of you I hope you have a great day… now back to my regular scheduled coffee.. and then off to the store to purchase some more said coffee so I will not be throwing things in a fit tomorrow afternoon…

Later A/all!


I have dragged my ass out of the bed… a feat in itself these days. I just want to have a holiday from work.

Yesterday I can sum up this way “Respect goes both ways”.

Sometimes I wonder why I put forth the effort I do… than I remember I love to work. I love to be busy – However I fucking hate people.

If I could find a job that allows me a desk in an office away from people – and still make the same $$ that I do – I would have better balanced energy. They drain me.

Anyway – 3 more days of work – and then I don’t work again till March 2. It means it will be also my Birthday week – and we know how much I love that – NOT.

…be right back – have rice cooking.

Back I am… to Zeus thinking my chair was his new perch – shoo shoo..

I had a meeting yesterday and while I was sitting there, I glanced down and noticed (glaringly by the way) was a bruise on my arm as I decided a short sleeve shirt was part of my attire that day.

You know that quick panic that goes on in your head at that point – fuck…shit…I hope no one else notices…ooooh what a pretty colour it is…fuck … shit… /pull down sleeve slightly…. that feels good when I poke at it….  – You get the point.

For the most part things like that don’t matter – as I usually have most bruises/cuts covered…I am not sure why that small panic was happening. I am quite open about my activities on a whole without giving details. Most people I work with are kink friendly…however this was a Plant Town wide meeting – so other sections of the plant were there and I am not all that familiar with them except for name/department and if I ever had interaction with them when I worked with Payroll.

And really this is my Life. If you can’t take me for who I am – Fuck ya (well not literally unless you are some cute thing I can bring home to Sir too).

How was your weekend Dot? It was fucking awesome, thank you for asking!

OH? Why was that? Because I got to be with my Love, Family/Friends, go to the City AND shop for Books.

Damn I can’t mention the other things 😦 except to a couple at work that know but don’t practice and won’t run away screaming.

I really want to be able to move to the City – we have more in common there with People we love, it is a comfort level I can deal with, and a step in a direction we both want. We feel very stagnant here. If we want to get something going it will feel like we are encroaching on someone else’s turf – which gets people here butt hurt.

We are 24/7 with really no one to share who we are truly are or understand why we do things the way we do here – as we still are quite open in our everyday Life about our dynamic. We have just learned to phrase it differently to the vanillas so they understand it when asked.

This is why I think MAsT is important – and a good rock to lean on because of the People, the information/advice and the camaraderie as they will understand things with the same eyes/thought process.

Holy fuck I went ALL over on this post… my brain has been squirrelly lately – I know this. So I apologize for being so random – well not really – LoL – Otherwise I wouldn’t be who I am if I sounded sane 😉

Time to finish this cup of coffee – which by the way – I switched brands and found out that it only filled HALF my cup which means it should fit the new cup that I couldn’t use yesterday. First world coffee cup problems… I know :p

Later A/all!

I believe this is the case for a dear Friend of ours. I suggested to blog again – it is great therapy in my opinion.

I would be more than happy to read and comment for encouragement – to know that someone is reading what has been written. It is not written for “nothing” – it has a purpose.

It seems that is what he is lacking – the support/ the buy-in and he doesn’t know it. From afar – after reading a couple of posts that is what I got out of it. I want to be that support if he needs it. We love him like Family and wouldn’t know what to do if he or his family were not in our lives any-more.

I hope he continues to write – I really do enjoy his writing style.

As for Sir’s writing – I miss it a lot – He needs to write for a form of therapy – even if it is just to get the frustrations out about work… not everything can evolve around Kink… reality sneaks in once and awhile.

And sometimes reality clashes and bangs on our Kink – such as not going to the Valentine’s Ball this weekend. Yet I can live with this as we will be going to a Play party on Valentine’s Day and make a weekend of it in the City.

We make the best of what we have or can get… and as long as Sir is with me – I don’t care where/what we are doing.

well I am not one of those from the look of things.

I was going to write a post on this very fact – however I read too many of them now on every social network there is and more.

Resolutions to me are goals that you should be doing anyway – short and long term ones. Why make it a special time of the year… and just read a month or two down the road how someone went off the rails etc.

In a sense – I suppose I did write “something” about them… but didn’t :p

A new year for us is just figuring out this work situation of opposite shifts, sneaking in Munches, play parties, and the most important thing – US TIME in the way of just seeing each other, to having more fucking awesome sex and try to sneak in some play-time to spice it up once in awhile.

Tonight is a night for me to relax, bitch at Mother Nature (but thank Her as She won’t be around next week for Play Party in the City) and try to keep warm in this Freezer of a House – Damn weather is extreme cold warnings for the entire province.

Tomorrow after work, I will wander over to Sir’s place, and snuggle with my Bear ❤

Still here… somewhat… back into hiding for a touch longer… things are slowly becoming easier.

{November 21, 2014}   Random Note to Self…

I have to quit using the word sucks… it should be used in a more Positive way than describing how negative I feel about things lately.

You can tell I am tired when I am unable to formulate a sentence/paragraph.

et cetera
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