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{April 26, 2017}   Not my Circus, Not my Monkeys

Being the good Polish girl that i was brought up to be, this idiom rings true in my Life. Basically – If it’s not your monkey, and it’s not even from your circus, then it’s not your problem.

4-26-2017 6-16-41 PM

i won’t interfere or bother myself with trouble in a place i don’t belong to or have no authority — it’s someone else’s job to deal with this.

The problem i have is when another person assumes you took a side when you only acknowledged someone’s frustration concerning something. And we do this with all friends and acquaintances that we are connected with on some level.

The other problem i have is when said person decided to email in a hostile manner without giving much thought into how it would be received. There was no context to what or who it was pertaining to. It does not make it any better when they write using the fact Community Leaders need to be careful who they “support”.  Being somewhat threatening to where our “loyalties” seem to lie, in my opinion, is a very low place to go. This person did not have the right to do that and was very disrespectful. It would be like me going to her Sir and lecturing him on who he should or should not associate with.

The next reply after Sir wrote her was to apologize that the email might be taken hostile.  It then became an email under the guise of being helpful, however, at that point, the damage was already done.

i would think that being mindful of the written word especially in this circumstance would have been prudent. If i ever did that to anyone and Sir found out – my arse would be more than black and blue (and not in a fun way).

i am the one that had to deal with Sir after this interaction. It was not pretty at all. He kept thinking He did something wrong and went back to see if He wrote something that could be thought of taking a side. There was not. We as a couple, ensure that is the case especially when drama may pop up. We are just as confused as everyone else once it started to explode in front of us. All we had were questions and it definitely wasn’t the time to ask them.

Perception can be a bitch – I agree. In this case, the person was making an assumption on something without even asking where we might have stood on said topic. And sadly we had to guess what the person was referring to initially.

Apparently, it is fine that they are able to pick a side and declare it – yet it is not allowed to others even if you are a Leader in the community. Personally, i do not think they should have stepped in either. Let the people that are running the event, clean up their own shit. All this is doing is making the lines pretty clear where people stand.

As Sir has said before, we will be Switzerland. We do not know either parties side to the situation and likely never will.

We do not attend this event due to when it is scheduled – usually a work weekend for Sir.

It is unfortunate that this has become a Shit-Show for all of the Fetlife participants and for the Community at Large in the City to witness. We did not consent to this mess being splayed across our screens (actually “gagged” individuals on my feed because of this) and i do not think people should drag others into it – even if it is only an assumption.

This is also unfortunate to what is going and is happening to the BDSM/Kink community.

I do hope it improves or at least all Egos are put on the side for the sake of the community without splitting it even further than it is.


{November 22, 2016}   DomSplained

When a -note- of the combined conversations/discussions of a night of MAsT on Consideration and Training is responded to by an individual who is obviously not from the area, nor understand what MAsT does … ends with her commenting after some dribble “Many people don’t do consideration or training periods. I never did it with my master. He’s been doing this since you were about eleven years old and has never done that consideration or treating with any of his relationships.”

The last line is what did it to me: “Why is it that I feel like I’ve just been DomSplained?” – You wish to bitch slap them. Good for you – I am glad it worked out for you.

The reason I say this is – I tend to read the profiles of the commenters – when you say one thing and read or do another, you do not become credible. It is interesting when your profile states one thing, and you read through it and find something else entirely – you were not considered? you didn’t train? I call bullshit – wait – your profile tells me that. Sockpuppet/troll accounts really piss me off.

I suppose she must know what we were discussing as a group – with the back and forth, and sharing. She must know what people were wanting to know, and wanted to ask – some afraid to even speak, yet got out of their comfort spot to do so.

If the information came off as DomSplaining… then I do not know what I can say – since I am definitely not a Dom and I was the one that put the notes together. There were a few websites sited and their words used – to give our members some links that may be helpful in their Life and Journey with TPE.

I am a little pissed off – and that is alright.

It was a good meeting with a lot of good information. I do hope that people got what they needed from it.

Edit (2 days later) : You definitely can tell i was agitated when i wrote this.

{June 18, 2016}   Frustrated

i am frustrated tonight…grr morning at this hour as i glance at the time.

Something is irking me…perhaps Sir being distracted when i asked about the email i sent. This was to be a combined effort…yet it didn’t become that. I understand work has been crappy for Him … Yet i think me trying to cram everything in to my already overwhelmingly schedule has become too much for me lately. i don’t want to be resentful… Though i feel it creeping in. Being spread thinly as of late is making me an angry dot. The little things are becoming bigger things.

i am not a fan of that person in me. It makes me want to yell, throw or hit things, see red more and then i just want to cry…hoping it makes it all go away or even a little less for my shoulders.

Fuck it is nearly 4am…i need sleep. Pride March is tomorrow morning at 11 am…to start my long day…with our MAsT meeting later that evening in the City… Augh 2 hours driving there and another 2 hours back.

Let us hope my brain shuts off for a few hours.

{June 14, 2016}   Thankful.

i am blessed to have the people that are in my Life right now – i love them all in one form or another.

This includes Even the people that are fleeting by us – not realizing the impact they have on me or the people i am around.

The big long hug from Sir was needed last night. He met me at the door, His arms wrapped around me, feeling the warmth and His energy surrounding me with His Love. The thing is, i never asked for it – He just knew – as i think He needed it as much as i did.

Sometimes it is the small things people do that give you the biggest lift in your day – a simple smile, nod, a wave.

Instead of worrying about what you don’t have – enjoy what you do have. Instead of worrying if you are not good enough – think of what you are good at.

Words and thoughts do manifest into your day to day Life.

i am thankful i have two partners i can be with together or separately.

i am blessed that we can walk in the park hand in hand in hand without not much of a glance.

i am thankful i can go to our Pride celebrations with our heads up high and be who we are.

i am thankful for all the LGBT2SQA+ Activists that choose to fight for our Rights.

i am just truly grateful to be alive in a time that this is going on around me and contributing what i can.



{August 4, 2015}   I’m Home…

From a great weekend camping with Kinky Friends, my Sir and my Miss – who we thought was not going to make it – and kept it a secret with the help of a couple of others.

There was debauchery to be had for four days – and that is indeed what happened. The tent communities that cropped up, the scenes going on in the dungeon, in the open air, and in the tents, the communal meals at the fire-pits, the canola oil wrestling on the first day in a kid’s pool, and the “Hearing squealing, swearing and thudding coming from neighbouring tents causes s-types to cringe while the d-types laugh” (as one of our neighbours’ noted) – helped make it a great bonding time for all.

Well I have been thinking of the word home lately. It has been swimming around in my head and bothering me. Defining it for myself…

Sir always jokes that since my divorce, He wants me to be “single” for a while, even though we have been together for over 6 years.

We do not live together… and I believe I know the answer to why – it was mentioned by another around the camp fire the other night – “It is knowing that you always have some place safe to go to”…  As of late, I don’t wish to go to my house that is my home. I am and have always been safe with Sir yet holding on to that house is the hurt I have had in the past from others. It was (not is) my safe haven – yet I hang on to it. I just want to be with Sir

When I say “Home,” it suddenly doesn’t feel like a physical structure or a geographical location. It’s simply the presence of Sir who, in good times and bad, makes me feel like I am right where I belong. It is going to be where ever we decide to live and I am more than al-right with that.

I just needed to get that out of my head… And thankfully for that conversation around the camp fire Saturday night, someone was able to put the words that I have been trying to figure out for awhile now.

Now I will get back to actual work – though my head is not into it today. Besides the sun-burn, the tail bone hurting, the bruising that I can’t see though feel – I am dropping from the last few days and will do so for a couple more.

Sir, Miss and I had a great time together, and it was even more fun with other Kinky Friends. I loved it and wish we could do this type of thing more often. The community that we have is awesome and always missed when they are not with us.

The intimacy of the weekend is what we needed for ourselves and with our Friends. It was well worth it.

{June 14, 2015}   Coming down….

I know that it is only Sunday night… however I have had an awesome start to my holidays. We had a friend come from the City to visit us.

Sir and I, as we waiting for her to get here, decided to go to the Coffee shop that was right across from the place we were going to eat. Interesting enough, the other group was having their “munch” in the back room.

We sat and chatted with each in the front of the shop… kinda eavesdropping on a couple behind us. We were right when we found out it was their first “date” other than online dating. It was quite cute to watch it transpire.

Well, finally our friend got into town, and we scooted across to wait for her. From the time we met her at the restaurant till she left a few hours ago – we constantly talked. We had a quick nap at 7am this morning to get a little shut-eye before we went to have Brunch, and then wandered back to Sir’s.

We (as in her and me) got tucked in for a little nap – sadly I slept better than her… I have a funny snore apparently… I feel bad – 😦 I was so tired.

Anyway, nap out of the way – and more talking again… until she needed to leave to get back to the City for another engagement she was invited to.

I must say, I LOVE when you can talk with someone, for hours, and it is like time stood still. It helps that she is very intelligent, genuine and gets our sense of humour.

We hope to do a movie night the next time she comes back. I actually can’t wait – even if Sir and her love horror movies – it just means I will be under the blanket and shoving popcorn in my face trying not to focus on the screen LoL.

With all this going on – Sir and I were able to have some time in the park and reflect on the last couple of days – and try to figure out what is to come for the coming couple of weeks.

I am now coming down hard – I am trying to eat the supper that Sir made sure I got before going home.

I am currently also being an achievement whore on WoW, flipping through pictures and writings on FetLife, and having Sir close by via Hangouts.

Life is Good right now.

{May 15, 2015}   Weird Mood.

Not sure why I am in a weird mood today…

I am hoping it is because it is the Long Weekend here in Canada, or my oldest Daughter is home, or for some reason, Mother Nature is playing with my silliness. I am alright whatever it is, as long as I have some advil for the next couple of days, and the weather stays for the most part warm.

I do need to take some time out for me-time though. I can feel myself getting suffocated slowly. It is Everyone/Everything wanting/needing bits and pieces of me. Flattered I am by this – just not a person that can deal with it easily.

This weekend will be a lot of everything and everyone… Sir, Children visiting and helping with the yard, BMK community, and the Vape community with a splash of Friends from Both sprinkled about.

Anyway, I am sitting here, making a To-Do list for myself, that I really want to get done….when I should be getting my work done – nothing new here 🙂

Later A/all, I will update when I can.


{April 20, 2015}   This week has to be better.

It just has to be – this old body is tired and it is catching up with her quickly. I am not as young and spry as I used to be.

This past week we have dealt with a lot of things individually and as a couple – and I seriously wish it was more kink related than not. I think I could deal with that part of my Life easier.

I am sitting here drinking my coffee (surprise surprise) in my new favourite mug. Apparently I cannot go to the kitchen to grab my breakfast for 5 minutes without a fur-baby being an asshole. My cats love coffee and since I wasn’t around, one thought to paw my coffee for a quick taste…the mug fell – my grumpy cat mug 😦 I did shed a tear while I whisked the cat to the sofa, and swept and then vacuumed the loose pieces.

I want to vape however I didn’t have the forethought to put the batteries on the charger last night. I am sitting here with it beside me, and the batteries charging away off to the side. I needed me some Magnum PI.

My squats were much better than I thought, which is surprising. I did more of the full squat (Yay me!) however walking afterwards was like a pinball machine. I am Lucky for the sofa(s) and coffee table where they are situated in my livingroom. I am now walking straight again.

This is the day that Mother Nature teases me – are you done for another month… or will I pop up a touch later for 3 more long days while you are having to go up the stairs of Death?

My Sir has his own issues this week to learn to adjust with Bell’s Palsy which started our weekend on a whole different note. His Thursday episode of an earache turned to something both of us didn’t expect. Friday was a long day for Him and going into my Saturday was its own tired adventure.

His sense of humour is something that will get Him through this and one of the many reasons I love the Man. As you can read here: A Pirate’s Life for Me

On the positive side – I get a bit of a pirate fantasy fulfilled with this. He is so fucking sexy with that patch and beard. I am just wet thinking about it. Arrrrrr!

After the long day/nights we had Friday going into Saturday – we were bound to go to the MAsT meeting on Service and it was not a disappointment. The conversations/debates/opinions/ideas that went around that room was likely one of the best meetings I have gone too besides the one on Labels last summer. The experience(s) in that room alone helped with the engagement of the atmosphere.

I felt honoured that I was asked to step in at the last minute. About 45 minutes away from the City – Sir’s phone rang and I heard “You want to borrow my girl? Okay – For what?” Poor Tamile was shivering above a hot oven/stove and couldn’t keep warm. Her Master had to make her go to bed as she still wanted to do the presentation. Silly girl – sometimes we need to take care of ourselves in order to take care of the Others. She is always a sweetheart and I love her dearly. Supper was taken over by her Master and His baby girl. They did a fantastic job!

/quick glaze to see if batteries are charged. No L

We stayed long enough to have pizza afterwards with the Family – however we both wanted to go home. We needed to “get away”, be with each other (4 hours in a car round trip) and that short trip to the City fit the bill.

Sunday was a day where we both slept in. Okay, okay – I woke up my “normal” time – however Sir did sleep and He really needed it.

He had a couple of plans for the day – and I added shopping in for me. We had to go to the other Vape shop and get juice for Him. I already bought some this past week to last me a touch. We visited and were invited to come back later as some of the guys were coming back for a BBQ.

Next was a visit to His mother’s to ensure that He was still alive. That went better than I thought it was going to – and He got a new Kuerig out of it as Dad didn’t want it. NOW, I have to get one LoL.

I went shopping for shoes… yeah I know.. as if I needed more. I was looking for good shoes for work so it was no heels/boots/fancy shoes. I needed good shoes with support and that is what I got. I had to go buy a couple of outfits for work and the Life in general.

We also took the time to look for new sandals for Him – I think we found the pair. I just need the go ahead.

He asked if it would be a problem with my schedule if we went to the City next week to just go shopping. I am not on call and I only work the overnight on Friday so that I am able to go to Munch. I can sleep while He is working. We are still figuring out how we are doing this.

Anyway – I should stop, get cleaned up and such – the time goes quickly.

All I can say with the last week behind us is that I love that Man. ❤ He has and is a Strength that I admire.  All and all – I am the Lucky girl that got Him.

Laters A/all,



in many senses it appears. I am sitting here with my trusty cup of java, and some lunch to get me through till my supper at 8 pm. And to top it all off – my arse is a bit “stingy”.

Last night, Sir was wanting to play … abrasion play, with a side of knife play, and anything else that He could get His hands on that would make marks on me. Please note this was in between/after flogging, beltings (oh belt how I love thee), fisting, and plain old torture of the pussy.

I had a fucking awesome night :”> His tone of His voice – “stay down – You will take this”, and a  hand down on my back to keep me from rising up to His husky voice in my ear telling me I was a good girl for taking all of it…  I am in total bliss right now.

This was how we ended our weekend – both of us getting what we needed – I got to cum/squirt and He got to make that all happen with His sadistic heart ❤

On Saturday after His work – we traveled to the City to go to a play party. I got to see my Lola ❤ (she so pretty), and talk with everyone that came. The night turned into needle demo/play a touch later… in which I sat at Lola’s feet (while she stroked my hair) and I watched Sir going back and forth between His demo bottom and the Hosts who were trying it out. Then He was helping another couple with needles and He was much closer to gaze at.

And yes, I was glassy eyed (not drunk) watching Him – drunk from attraction – wanting to jump His bones – that entire time. I get off watching Him play in whatever capacity. I see that He is happy – and that makes me squirm with delight. I was sitting there, wet – wet and wanting.

That night, He was playing with my clit and my asshole, just light tickles – teasing me. I wish I could play publicly 😦 however since I am a squirter it is hard and frowned upon. I have to wait for later. Once the house is empty of guests, He ensures that I get fucked hard and fast, and since I was wet, it wasn’t going to take long for Him to get off. I get to sleep – knowing that in the morning, I will be fucked again :”> I really strain not to squirt when I am there… however than I have a build up when I get home.

There are a few things to catch up on… This week – Sir gave me His old tank – a 100W Sigelei – and bought me some juice (C is for cookie in a 0 nicotine). Later that week, He picked me up a couple of more juices here in town and in the City. I really enjoy vaping. I have been hee and hawing about it for awhile trying to justify getting one. One of my addictions is hand to mouth (snacking), and I have an oral fixation – ask Sir – He isn’t complaining LoL.

Vaping for me, satisfies that for me – and the flavours are awesome, when you find ones you like. I do have one with nicotine (a 3) – for me it helps with my anxiety – relaxes me a touch. So all in all – I am loving it. I am now learning how to keep it and I want to learn to build coils and such… I think I would enjoy that – it would keep my hands busy me thinks.

Augh – I am looking at the time – I need to move my arse into work mode – I will be sure to keep up a touch better this week. My peer is not on holidays nor is it a short week.

Till later A/all,


{March 3, 2015}   It is a Tuesday.

First off before I start – I am a sad girl 😦 Our Wpg Family’s kitty Jabba – passed away this morning. I am going to miss him alot. He was a happy huge kitty with a little purr and a big loving heart. No more snuggles when we sleep over 😦

Dates and Times are important to me – not as much as when I was younger however they still hold a special place in my head.

It isn’t what you are all thinking… Birthdays, Anniversaries, etc… more along the line of scheduling your Life around other people. People I want in my Life and want to make it work.

I use Fetlife for my Kinky Calendar – it makes sense no? You can find the events near you, click accept or maybe to put on your “calendar”… that is IF it gets posted. I am the type that needs a visual – and this works for me. Telling me that oh yeah – it is every 4 weeks and not post it till 2-5 days prior means nothing to me. By that time I have already planned something else, or I don’t have time to re-arrange my Life due to work/$$ for gas or said event to attend.

As I am typing this now – I am dealing with something else on another socal media- and it to deals with Dates/times and groups.

Where was I going on this? Oh yeah – Life at times does need to have schedules – many enjoy spontaneity… not me – unless it is in a scene – I don’t want to know what is going to happen.

Right now I only have 3 events on my calendar – BUT I at least know I have 3 events on my calendar and not have to do the guessing game if someone wants or not do something. I can work with this. It is with people that do not use a calendar that I cannot … and then wonder why no one goes to things… CAUSE THEY DIDN’T KNOW… REAL LIFE GETS IN THE WAY… PEOPLE TEND TO FORGET IF NOT TOLD/REMINDED.

Obviously I had something bring this subject up – it comes up every month actually – I just don’t share it – however it came to a head today… which relates to my side note below:

Side note:  For the group that we are in for our local community – it needs a change. It is time to re-vamp it. Other people saw this long time ago – and the way they showed it – was to eventually not going anymore. It is now just making that impact to a Leader in it. I have been waiting for the realization that everything needs to change with the Times… what you were thinking the excuses were – are not. That is the other conversation I am having. I hoped to see change sooner but this is better than never.

I am sure I will continue this saga in future posts.

Now I am going to make myself another coffee, eat the fish I made for breakfast, wash the dishes and change the cat litter before I get ready for work.
Laters A/all.

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