Seldom Seen Way

{October 3, 2017}   Happiness turns to Anger

with me, it can happen in a heartbeat – especially when something is slammed at you from the sideline.

That is how i am feeling right now.



The Ungratefulness that is now more than apparent.




Seeing Red.

Wanted to do self-harm.

Trying to not listen to my Head.

This may be cryptic – however, i can’t share everything – and i don’t know if i could. The feelings i have though – that i can share openly.




{March 4, 2017}   Vacation coming to a Close.

Monday is approaching fast and in a way, i want it to and i don’t. i actually enjoy working.

This week off though was needed and it allowed me to do a couple of things that i normally do not get lots of time for. i was able to cook/bake more than i usually do and the oddest thing, just to sit and read without worrying about other things around me.

i think i need to make that a thing – and take that time for myself. i keep meaning to yet there is always something else going on in my brain… then squirrel. Relaxing and me do not seem to happen often.

Right now i am frustrated because i am unable to find my stitch ripper. i wanted to finish mending a couple of pants and shirts. This is yet another thing i find relaxing.

Soon my son and his partner will be coming over. They are bringing the children, it will be good to see the baby as he is growing very quickly. He is at the age where he will be fascinated by the furbabies. Their daughter will keep the cats moving (LoL) to help with that.

We are wandering over to a Friend’s place to visit with them and another couple. i am hesitant because i do not know the couple. Sir knows one of them.  This meeting new people thing make me anxious as it is.

Looking at the time, i need to get cleaned up before my son arrives.



{October 5, 2016}   Catch-up yet mildly short

i have a few starts to posts and then nothing comes to the fingers to write. i suppose those will have to wait a touch longer.

Last week, my son and his partner had a son – Caden is a sweetie. He looks a little like his father and his mamma. His head has lots of hair even a week later 🙂

i still cringe at the term Grandma and all the terms used in that context. It really is how others use the word, and not always implying a positive – if that makes sense. Then again, i dislike when words are used to make you sound old and withered.

i know i know – it is -just- a word however people still put a spin on it – usually unconsciously with the tone when spoken or written.

Anyway, enough of that nonsense.

My baby has come home from her move to another province. It worked well for her, unfortunately, her partner was not having the same luck. After close to 2 months, they decided to come back.  She got her old job back and picked up a second part-time job to help supplement, along with finding an apartment. For being only 20, i need to start giving her more credit…though at times we all do shake our heads at her.

The oldest and her partner are currently in the middle of house hunting. He is happy with a few of the choices, she is not – or at least not satisfied. This is getting close to a month, and we pray they agree on something soon. It would be great to have our home back to ourselves again.

There is more i am sure and more geared towards our kinky side of Life however again, it is a matter of my fingers and brain cooperating to get that done.


I am sad that we are not going into the City for the Ball… however it was the best decision.

It is hard to jungle both our work schedules which are complete opposite (He is the day-walker & and I am the night–hawk)…and adding just the time we need to decompress from said work (He=retail, me=high stress office), and then look at our budget… Is this going to be worth going to the City for… especially since we are going in the next week for Valentine’s Play Party and some Sir/Dot time Sunday meal and shopping.

I dislike being all grown-up and responsible when it comes to my wants in the Kink arena. My wants and my needs are on a fine line as it is for it… okay – more like I prefer to have my wants and needs pretty much the same LoL.

Instead tonight, we are going to be a touch Vanilla. My sister-in-law messaged us last night to see if we would be interested in going for a double date to catch up. Part of me was going… damn it… the other part… yeah we should do this – get it out of the way – they are Family.

The thing is we don’t have to pretend we are not M/s with them – they know – we just tone it down and be more discreet about it to be respectful to them. That is what I love about my Life…I don’t have to hide who I am…I have always been open about it. It is all in the way you approach it.

I think people tend to go to the extreme and have a bit of verbal diarrhea.. want to scream it from the roof-tops they are Kinky in some form or another… either to shock or for more of a drama queen way.

The other route is they hide ALL aspects of it… and are paranoid that someone “might” see/hear something and Judge the Hell out of them. They use more energy hiding it from others and themselves than being comfortable in their skin. Again – why does the world… family, friends need to know all the intimate details. In a vanilla setting I don’t want to know what you do in your sexy time… so why do I care to know in a kink sense.

Yes I have been blessed to have people be accepting… doesn’t mean I have not had a soul or ten think otherwise. And remember your definition of Kink may be different from others. Some think with the Lights on is Kinky… and that is all right with me… I won’t judge ya… then again – I don’t have any idea why you feel the need to have to tell me… LoL…

If I just told you I got off with some of the things that Sir does to me.. I would be thought to be insane from many. 😉

Anyway – went on a tangent there.. I apologize. I can’t control my thoughts at times – and just have to get them out of the head while I can.

Now that my fur-babies have had their treat (while I wrote this)… I should finish this first cup of coffee, wash the soaking dishes and clean their plates from the kitchen floor.

It is another 2 hours before I pick up Sir from work, get Him cleaned up .. and off to supper we go… Perhaps we will be able to go shopping – we both have gift certificates to use hehehe.

Laters A/all – I hope you all have an awesome Night!

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