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{October 2, 2017}   A little news…

which is something that I have been sitting on for a few days.

We needed to ensure that certain “Family” was aware before it became public to all. My parents were the last ones on Sunday.

This is the Announcement from Sir:

“Many years ago I sat down at a Tim Hortons to have coffee with a cute brunette, we talked, laughed, and haven’t left each other’s side since. On Friday I asked that cute brunette to marry me, and am speechless that she said yes. I love you (Dot), you are my best friend, my stability, my little fae, and my partner in crime. I can’t wait for the next 50 years together”

Sir and i will be together for 10 years come this December. Keeping this secret all weekend from many people has been very difficult. If we could have told each person personally (though that would have taken a very long time), someone in the interim would have been upset along the way due to someone else spilling the beans sooner than later.

Usually, i would have spilt it out here, however, i know several people in the community read this blog (more than i even realized).

This girl is very happy, happier than i thought i would be with this news. There is much more going on in my head.

And it is hard as of late to find the time to write – as i am doing this right now at work LoL  Hopefully a touch later this week, i will squeeze in more updates.



The only thing i detest of playing hard is the coming down part. Body parts hurting, yet feel good if pressed in the right place, the head starting to wrap up into full speed again, and the general blue feeling that it is all over.

It was a good Subwoofer night, with some good family (from both Houses), friends and good beats at the House afterwards. The masochists of the house were well used. Sir and i play during the week, however, not at a higher intensity as we do like this. It is quite a treat when it does happen.

The poor floor though got a touch soaked, that happens when Sir commands me to cum. It doesn’t help when Sir BK is egging me on – with her hands in my hair to hold me in place while i am being beaten. Then again, i can’t say that i was complaining LoL.

This time Sir had another to help, the lovely MirandaJane…with Sir insisting she could indeed hit me harder than she was. And yes, Sir was correct about that LoL.

It was good to be able to sit with her a little later and just talk with her. Sir is right, she is a smart one, and does ask good questions. You could see MJ processing what she was watching and taking in as much as she could.

The time spent afterwards with Sir, curled up at His feet, head on His lap felt so good. Sir encouraging elle to come and snuggle with us after her beats (as her Sir was helping with another beat). We just held on to each other, enjoying the show in front of us (or what i can recall), the warmth of our bodies and the happy floating time. My favourite thing is when Sir rubs/scratches my head or behind my ears, i was in my happy place.

The bruises (including the ones from this past week)  have allowed me to think about the weekend with a huge smile. There was so much going on that i am sure i missed something.

Basically, what I am trying to say –  All in all, it was a very good evening and i think it was needed by many of us. The connection sometimes gets lost with distance, Life and Love. We felt more like a Family again and i am reminded how blessed we are to have so many good people in our Life… including the ones that we spent time at Subwoofer with.


{February 25, 2017}   Countdown

Another hour or so and it is holiday time for me… a week of nothingness… or somewhat nothingness. It isn’t like i really sit still.

Tomorrow night we will partake in Subwoofer in the City and celebrate my birthday (Sunday). i am getting better at accepting my age if i say so myself. At least this year i am not in a low and spiralling.

Anyway, i better finish with these Japan orders and then the dispatch before i forward my pallet work home to do while it is quiet.



{October 23, 2016}   Sore and happy

Not much more to say on that.

Thank you Sir ❤

The marks and colours are pretty.

The back, ass, shoulders, breasts, and arms along with where the implements wrapped when it hit.

Yep, happy girl.


{January 25, 2016}   Contentment = Happy fucking sore

Today i am sore.. a happy fucking sore. You know the feeling, turn or touch the wrong way (or right – depending on your thought process), and the memories come back of how you got it… yeah, that kinda happy fucking sore.

We were in the City for MAsT – one of our favourite things to go to… a place to go where you shouldn’t feel alone because of your kink. We stayed with Friends, who we treat like family – and in all things – they are our Family. It was decided that is what we were going to do… i love those two so much – as one had said when we were talking – we know more about each other than our own families. At times, it looks like we are looking in a mirror of ourselves.

Anyway – back to how the weekend ensured i felt this way in another situation:

As you can probably tell, it was a good weekend. Sir is going to be a little sore too, as He was co-topping another slave – and i was exhausted watching it – i can imagine how all three felt afterwards. Then it was “bed-time” and my turn… and i tend to be His greedy dirty little slut. i didn’t disappoint Him in that… there was no cumming for me that night. Not that there was no permission – oh it was given – just given when i was in a position that He knows i can’t find a way to cum in. It was 4:30am – and He told me to go to bed with gentle swats and a few face slaps to bring me back to earth. This all meant that i would have to wait till we got home if i needed more or if He was willing to let me finish.

We will just say it feels like i was hit by a couple of trucks, my arse keeps thinking it should have relations with the Rod – or more like the Rod wants to be more intimate with me. That is how He started it Saturday at Bed-time.The muscles are now screaming from the tensing with each stroke. The hips and ass, sore from the punches afterwards, and i am always amazed i still have hair on my head – it gets pulled a lot.

Sunday, when we finally wandered home -the shoulder is reminding me of the punch because of the smart ass comment made later in the evening, my pussy still wet, stretched and aching from the initial light finger and mouth torture, to the pounding of a toy to eventually His fist making contact … first cunt punching till I sprayed and then making its way inside me… ensuring that i scream out and cum even harder than the last few times.

Today – it is all reminding me of what a fantastic weekend i had with Sir, and our Friends. The smile upon my face can’t seem to be erased even between the wincing as i move from my seat, walk, bend, squat and whatever else i am doing.

And on that note – i am going back to my household chores, Sir needs walkies (socks), clean dishes, and supper when He gets home from Work.


Be well A/all.






{July 4, 2015}   Happy girl.

I want to write and to update – however so much has happened and it is overwhelming – in a good way.

I have no idea where to start and the excitement that is within wants to burst open wide.

Finding that one person that makes you giggle, smile and is the only person you wish to spend time with is hard enough – wish I have done.

Finding another that fits the same mold to call your partner too is fucking hard… even though we did.

I haven’t been happy like this for awhile. I get to spend my time with 2 people that compliment each other and myself. To be accepted for us is an awesome feeling. The last 2-3 weeks has been fun…and exhausting… so worth it though.

I have been weary because of Sir … we did have a talk the other night via chat… this weekend I am sure we will continue the conversation as I had lots to say and wanted to hear more… but I was working a Cali hell night at work. It was hard to have a good back and forth on the subject.

I want Sir to feel comfortable with everything… that is all I am concerned about. I don’t think He truly understands that. If He is happy and content – than I am. It is that simple. I get pleasure out of that whole concept.

There will be more on this – just needed to have a starting point.

I need to finish up a couple of things here before Sir is done work.. and then off to Sir’s for the weekend.

And to end our visit with Her I got marked by Them both this past Canada Day… I wear them proudly. I am grinning like an idiot… LoL

To sum this up – I enjoy and love that I am Their little one, His little fae and Her little lady. It is hard to put into other words than that.

it will be more than fluff – I promise.

I have had a fantastic holiday – I am so very happy right now.

Till later ❤


in many senses it appears. I am sitting here with my trusty cup of java, and some lunch to get me through till my supper at 8 pm. And to top it all off – my arse is a bit “stingy”.

Last night, Sir was wanting to play … abrasion play, with a side of knife play, and anything else that He could get His hands on that would make marks on me. Please note this was in between/after flogging, beltings (oh belt how I love thee), fisting, and plain old torture of the pussy.

I had a fucking awesome night :”> His tone of His voice – “stay down – You will take this”, and a  hand down on my back to keep me from rising up to His husky voice in my ear telling me I was a good girl for taking all of it…  I am in total bliss right now.

This was how we ended our weekend – both of us getting what we needed – I got to cum/squirt and He got to make that all happen with His sadistic heart ❤

On Saturday after His work – we traveled to the City to go to a play party. I got to see my Lola ❤ (she so pretty), and talk with everyone that came. The night turned into needle demo/play a touch later… in which I sat at Lola’s feet (while she stroked my hair) and I watched Sir going back and forth between His demo bottom and the Hosts who were trying it out. Then He was helping another couple with needles and He was much closer to gaze at.

And yes, I was glassy eyed (not drunk) watching Him – drunk from attraction – wanting to jump His bones – that entire time. I get off watching Him play in whatever capacity. I see that He is happy – and that makes me squirm with delight. I was sitting there, wet – wet and wanting.

That night, He was playing with my clit and my asshole, just light tickles – teasing me. I wish I could play publicly 😦 however since I am a squirter it is hard and frowned upon. I have to wait for later. Once the house is empty of guests, He ensures that I get fucked hard and fast, and since I was wet, it wasn’t going to take long for Him to get off. I get to sleep – knowing that in the morning, I will be fucked again :”> I really strain not to squirt when I am there… however than I have a build up when I get home.

There are a few things to catch up on… This week – Sir gave me His old tank – a 100W Sigelei – and bought me some juice (C is for cookie in a 0 nicotine). Later that week, He picked me up a couple of more juices here in town and in the City. I really enjoy vaping. I have been hee and hawing about it for awhile trying to justify getting one. One of my addictions is hand to mouth (snacking), and I have an oral fixation – ask Sir – He isn’t complaining LoL.

Vaping for me, satisfies that for me – and the flavours are awesome, when you find ones you like. I do have one with nicotine (a 3) – for me it helps with my anxiety – relaxes me a touch. So all in all – I am loving it. I am now learning how to keep it and I want to learn to build coils and such… I think I would enjoy that – it would keep my hands busy me thinks.

Augh – I am looking at the time – I need to move my arse into work mode – I will be sure to keep up a touch better this week. My peer is not on holidays nor is it a short week.

Till later A/all,


{January 30, 2015}   OMFG – I got sex this week :p

The other night was fucking awesome… let me restate that – yesterday morning was fucking awesome.

I got home from work and quickly checked on my fur babies – all were good and fed. I grabbed my tablet, a shirt and some panties.

My next stop was Sir’s – it was sleep-over nap time… YAY! I knew He would be already somewhat sleeping, so I wander in and do my thing as I always do before getting into His bed to His warm body.

I drop my things at the door, go to the bathroom and strip – except panties (as Mother Nature decided she wished to visit), say hi to Daisy, fill His water cup and ensure all the doors on cupboards are shut.

I quietly (or so I think) go to the bedroom – and since I have to make the bed before I sleep – I “made” it as best I could with Him in it – it is quite amusing to straighten blankets with a man and cat in the Bed… hehe.

I get in on my side, grab my tablet and check my FB, games and FL before I sleep. I LOVE when He flips over and lays an arm on me – the weight of it is comforting – that I am His and He will protect me from the monsters in the dark.

That night, I just looked at Him while He snoozed… His beard so touchable and soft framing His mouth…the eyes gently closed and relaxed… My tummy fluttered as did my clit yearning for Him to just put His hand on it. I gave Him light kisses on His head, ear and beard… and closed my eyes.

That morning we got to wake up with each other. It was only to be snuggle time however my body betrays me when He is so close to me. I tend to grind when He gets up close to me gently tugging at my nipples…. what girl wouldn’t get all hot and bothered?

Well that was a morning of anal sex, love bites, breakfast at Timmies and giggling time because well… I got sex… anal sex. As you can probably guess – I love it.

I am still giggly cause it makes me so happy that He makes me like this… after 6 years together – I still feel like a love-sick teenager with Him … and Him with me.

This is the happiest relationship I have ever been in. I fucking love that Man more every day we are together.

Anyway – there is more – though a lot of it is TMI and I will spare you all from it.

Time to get ready to pick up Sir from work and make our way to Munch… after that work overnight because I wanted to go to Munch.

Laters A/all 🙂

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