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{October 12, 2017}   Purging.

It has started as a great day and hopefully, it will continue into the evening while i am at work.

Waking up with Sir, and having Him hold onto me while in bed, fingers lightly touching my tummy (one of my fave spots) and nipples…His breathing into my ear…makes this girl like jello.

We got Sir to work and i came home. It started with me realizing that we likely will get snow this weekend (i hope not but with my luck) and the potted plants need to be cleaned out and put out to the compost bin. Well, it started as that with me then moving stuff into the garage for winter, to noticing that i need to move things around to make room and then me starting to remove crap. (Wow, long run on sentence there)

There was a lot of cardboard that could be recycled, boxes that i never opened and sort, and moving items to a better-arranged area.

The only reason i stopped was that the recycling bin was full, as was the garbage bin. It feels good with what i have already accomplished and i believe i will continue tomorrow. Thankfully Friday is garbage pickup.

Anyway, now to get ready for work… talk to you all later!



{June 11, 2017}   Productive days…

Sometimes the “high” just comes one day and i attempt to get all of the things done, while i have the energy to do it.

This is Day 2.5 and i am feeling good about what i have been accomplishing. Do you notice it is always those “little” things that make you sit back and smile?

Last night we were at a small get together we set up because we are stuck here instead of going to the City. Work made sure of that for both us, Sir works today, and i am on call for the weekend. It was good to catch up with people we haven’t seen for a while and just have a night to relax and good conversation.

It was a bonus that we went somewhere that was stumbling distance from home. It was nice to walk to and from the place. It helped slow me down a touch.

Oh, i am excited – i have finally hung up Einstein. I thought to tell Sir because well it has been bugging me for a while.

The conversation went like this:

me: okay – I have been attempting to hang Einstein… I think I did it… I pray it doesn’t fall down LoL

Sir:  OK I had to read that twice….. I thought you were talking about the cat. jesus.

me: ummm Love… i am not that barbaric

By the way, just to make this clear – this is the Einstein i am referring to:


If you knew how much i loved Einstein, you would understand why this is a good thing 🙂

i wandered outside in the yard today, because it is absolutely beautiful out there. i had charged up the weed wacker the other day in prep for some “wacking of the weeds”. The stairs to the decks, and fence are free of tall grass blades, thistles (ow), and whatever else was popping out of the ground.

The desk i sit at is finally clear of the stacked books (both sides). They have been catalogued, sorted, and put away. There is a box of doubles, triples and “meh” i don’t need/want these started. There are still a couple or four boxes to get through yet. It does mean we require a bookcase or two to home them…however i don’t think that is all that bad.

The chaos that was the desk is now clear. This was one of those things that needed to be tackled sooner than later. It has lighten my brain more than anything else.


The Desk:



This is just a small sampling of what i have been doing to occupy my brain to help it relax. Unfortunately, reading and even writing is hard to do right now, as my brain is going in full throttle at the moment. i have backspaced so many times… (click, click, click) it is giving me a headache attempting to write coherently. When i am like this i need to document something so I know when i am in the “zone”.

Well, i hear that the microwave of dinged! and the chicken breasts are likely thawed. i should go and figure out what supper will consist of.

Talk to you later!



{April 1, 2017}   Good head space today.

And i am running with it.

It doesn’t feel like a manic.

i just have the energy to get things done – little bursts here and there.

i did need the weekend off from events and people in general.

Sir is working, allowing me to have a mini-me day which really is just housekeeping, ensuring the cats don’t destroy anything, social media – answering email/messages and not be interrupted.

So far the list has been:

water the cats.
empty the dishwasher.
fill the dishwasher
fix/wash blankets on the sofas.
put laundry in: wash/dry
put chicken in the oven for supper
clean the fridge out
garbage to the bin
find a household inventory supply list to manipulate
found a grocery inventory excel sheet 😀

That last one was gold for me – it even has a want/have/need column calculations. Saved me from doing it myself.

The household one i had to move to excel and luckily that didn’t take long.

Anyway – something is dinging in the kitchen, i better figure out what it is and deal with it.

Talk to you all laters.


That is what it has been like for the last month or two. The tension headaches are coming full force and not much is helping in the way to alleviate it.

Tomorrow i am going to a massage appointment, and hoping that will help with my upper back muscles. The nerves and muscles are so tense and pinched. The bottom of my calves are bad, however, i can live with that being sore.

When i get home from work, i want to clean ALL of the things. The problem being that it is 1am or later and Belle is trying to sleep and Sir will be going to bed soon. i really hate not being in bed if He is there. It never feels right. i try to use that time to relax, except lately it is not helping at all. Instead, i can’t sleep and stay up longer than i want which in turn means i get up later than i want.

Right now, i just want to be at home. i want to curl up in my corner of the bed.


Now i am home….finally in bed. Grateful for the warmth of the comforter while Sir is on the other side of me reading from His tablet. Here is hoping the Advil kicks in sooner than later.

The long weekend here in Canada is over – everyone is back to work or somewhat form of it.

Both our Saturdays were spent at work – Sir was scheduled and i was on call. Not something i enjoy though it helped that both of us were occupied with something. Later that evening, we went to a Munch and was able to connect with some Folk from the Winnipeg community. They were out to help get the FFG site ready for the August Long Weekend.

Sir and i got some light shopping done, BBQ’d on Sunday and Monday,  and the lawn was mowed. Sir even tolerated the Green Spot (a gardening haven) to purchase some vegetables for our garden/pots.

With all that said – we did miss kitten – However we also needed the weekend to just relax, from all the go go go we do. There was house work that was being neglected – more like i have been wanting to get through the closet and weed it out. There was a lot of laundry done with a couple of boxes of clothes that came out. i am really proud of what i got done. There is still a day or two left to go because of time restraints, with it being done by the weekend.

There is indeed some catching up – Sir said we could get a pet – we found a cute kitten and He said we could keep her. i am very happy. We are now establishing the expectations and protocols with a third. It can get tricky – however i am sure we can make it work. If anything it will be a work in progress as most relationships are.

We were in at MAsT the week prior – it was an awesome talk about Leather Families with a couple of people discussing how their particular Family worked – dynamics within dynamics. It was a very good talk, with stories we could all relate to. Sir tried His best to sum up how we felt about Sir L & e as our Leather Family…He did a wonderful job…though not only words can show it. We love them so much. We explain how our dynamics blended with each other… and Sir L made the comment that we were trying to convert Sir into a Lesbian ROFL – as it seems to be the running joke for Our Family/House.

Oh my, there is so much – yet i am trying to remember what was missed. Before I forget – The House of Symmetry  was created in a sense – we have a name now LoL. And on FL – i did create House-Symmetry for our Family (it was too long the other way to use on FL).

The weekend is coming up and the start of my holidays from work. We always love going to the City especially to see our Family and now also for our new kitten. The event we are going to starts at noon Saturday – it is going to be a long and worthwhile afternoon into an awesome night. i am looking forward to it. i still have absolutely no idea what i am wearing :(.

Anyway – i am at work writing this – and it is not getting the export that is on my desk done any faster.

i am sure there is much more – or even i could have elaborated on – just there is no time right now.

Laters A/all,






{August 4, 2015}   I’m Home…

From a great weekend camping with Kinky Friends, my Sir and my Miss – who we thought was not going to make it – and kept it a secret with the help of a couple of others.

There was debauchery to be had for four days – and that is indeed what happened. The tent communities that cropped up, the scenes going on in the dungeon, in the open air, and in the tents, the communal meals at the fire-pits, the canola oil wrestling on the first day in a kid’s pool, and the “Hearing squealing, swearing and thudding coming from neighbouring tents causes s-types to cringe while the d-types laugh” (as one of our neighbours’ noted) – helped make it a great bonding time for all.

Well I have been thinking of the word home lately. It has been swimming around in my head and bothering me. Defining it for myself…

Sir always jokes that since my divorce, He wants me to be “single” for a while, even though we have been together for over 6 years.

We do not live together… and I believe I know the answer to why – it was mentioned by another around the camp fire the other night – “It is knowing that you always have some place safe to go to”…  As of late, I don’t wish to go to my house that is my home. I am and have always been safe with Sir yet holding on to that house is the hurt I have had in the past from others. It was (not is) my safe haven – yet I hang on to it. I just want to be with Sir

When I say “Home,” it suddenly doesn’t feel like a physical structure or a geographical location. It’s simply the presence of Sir who, in good times and bad, makes me feel like I am right where I belong. It is going to be where ever we decide to live and I am more than al-right with that.

I just needed to get that out of my head… And thankfully for that conversation around the camp fire Saturday night, someone was able to put the words that I have been trying to figure out for awhile now.

Now I will get back to actual work – though my head is not into it today. Besides the sun-burn, the tail bone hurting, the bruising that I can’t see though feel – I am dropping from the last few days and will do so for a couple more.

Sir, Miss and I had a great time together, and it was even more fun with other Kinky Friends. I loved it and wish we could do this type of thing more often. The community that we have is awesome and always missed when they are not with us.

The intimacy of the weekend is what we needed for ourselves and with our Friends. It was well worth it.

{April 23, 2015}   I made a Good Choice.

I am up bright and early today and I am in an awesome mood. I wandered over to Sir’s place after work.

He didn’t know that I was planning to nap there. I just really needed to be close to Him.

Best choice that I made this week – The closeness for both of us was a need that was missing.

I miss the early days where I was spoiled. I enjoy sex way too much – and not getting it everyday or every other day is something I am really struggling with.

I am a person that requires that closeness of the body, the touching, the petting, the high from getting off from the person that I am involved with. I could never be in a relationship that doesn’t have that… and I have left a few because of just that.

If there was no Love in our M/s relationship – I would have to re-evaluate it. I know there are others that don’t need that, and good on them for wanting to just serve without Love. That is just not my cup of coffee.

When I talk about Love, for me it is a general term. I can love my work, love my children, love being smacked with a belt, and love coffee however Being in Love is a whole other gambit.

I am rarely “in Love” with a person… and it is awesome that I have that with Sir. It is a whole other level for me. I can’t be without Him in some capacity. Thank goodness we are in a society that uses social media – He is there without being in front of me.

Honestly I have no idea how or where I am going on this. Oh right, this came up because I decided to make some food in the crock pot and realized that mine is not as big as Sir’s… wishing instead that we lived together because I always need Him. Also my crock pot is overflowing with meat, onions, etc for chili – size does matter people!

And yes, I know this is early for me – and I would do almost anything for that Man even if it is to lose a couple of hours of sleep to enjoy morning sex, coffee and breakfast with Him.

I need to tend to the kitchen – a few dishes are soaking in the sink from prepping the meal, sweeping, and a quick mop too to be done.

Laters A/all


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