Seldom Seen Way

The only thing i detest of playing hard is the coming down part. Body parts hurting, yet feel good if pressed in the right place, the head starting to wrap up into full speed again, and the general blue feeling that it is all over.

It was a good Subwoofer night, with some good family (from both Houses), friends and good beats at the House afterwards. The masochists of the house were well used. Sir and i play during the week, however, not at a higher intensity as we do like this. It is quite a treat when it does happen.

The poor floor though got a touch soaked, that happens when Sir commands me to cum. It doesn’t help when Sir BK is egging me on – with her hands in my hair to hold me in place while i am being beaten. Then again, i can’t say that i was complaining LoL.

This time Sir had another to help, the lovely MirandaJane…with Sir insisting she could indeed hit me harder than she was. And yes, Sir was correct about that LoL.

It was good to be able to sit with her a little later and just talk with her. Sir is right, she is a smart one, and does ask good questions. You could see MJ processing what she was watching and taking in as much as she could.

The time spent afterwards with Sir, curled up at His feet, head on His lap felt so good. Sir encouraging elle to come and snuggle with us after her beats (as her Sir was helping with another beat). We just held on to each other, enjoying the show in front of us (or what i can recall), the warmth of our bodies and the happy floating time. My favourite thing is when Sir rubs/scratches my head or behind my ears, i was in my happy place.

The bruises (including the ones from this past week)  have allowed me to think about the weekend with a huge smile. There was so much going on that i am sure i missed something.

Basically, what I am trying to say –  All in all, it was a very good evening and i think it was needed by many of us. The connection sometimes gets lost with distance, Life and Love. We felt more like a Family again and i am reminded how blessed we are to have so many good people in our Life… including the ones that we spent time at Subwoofer with.



{August 2, 2016}   Falling from grace…yet again

Ah – the Annual FFG camping weekend has come to a close. No huge epiphany – just that i enjoyed this year more so than the last couple and this sunburn is so worth it – along with the bruises creeping up on the skin underneath it. This will be a longer post – it was 4 glorious days of being with a community i love.

A Kink fest at its best and worse. It was a time to spend with kitten, Family and Friends. i think we got more bonding from our experience this year – even though our campsites were across the small pasture almost in a triangle. It was the idea of picking up that chair (or Einstein blankey in my case – love sitting on his face he he) and wander over – take the time to meet and greet – along with the camaraderie that exploded each time it occurred.

Every evening was set around the main fire, or a campsite – relaxing, enjoying the sight and sounds that were being emitted into the air. The atmosphere of debauchery was addicting to say the very least. You wanted to participate in something, anything, and you went to find it and take what you needed. It wasn’t a time to be anxious, afraid, shut in or shy away. It was a time to be liberated, have the confidence, enjoy the weekend for what it was and what it was willing to give to you.

There were mini beatings, chase downs, wrestling, sharing of drinks and foods, laughter and a couple of serious moments. There were tears, cackles, giggles, “bend over – show so and so your marks”, ”ow Motherfuckers”, and Thank You Sirs/Miss scattered throughout the day and evening.

Last year, we didn’t play in the dungeon – just in our camp/tent and it didn’t really satisfy the needy pain slut that i am. Sir fixed that problem this year – He reassured me it was going to happen one way or another. I got an awesome beating, more humiliation play than He usually does in public, broke one of Sir’s tools which He then decided needed to be planted in my ass as a flag pole till He was done. A quick pass out with a cunt punching to revive me. Yep – happy fucking slut i am. Sir did hurt Himself – He fell backwards off the stage – though i didn’t realize it as much as others – yet He finished our scene and got His feet nursed. Me thinks He loved that part a touch LoL – It looked like He twisted His ankle, and a small cut on the other.

i met “bubba” a beautiful tool (police baton) that weekend – Miss J’s tool that She let Sir borrow and She also applied to my ass. The thud of that thing was most wonderful.

i have bruises on my ass, the inside of the crack of my ass, the backside of the thighs, the upper arms, shoulders, the back, and sore on my jaws.

i got to be used from several of the family and honorary family, slapped, hugged, poked and prodded from friends, and used as a demo bottom for a predicament piercing workshop (fucking loved this).

Sure there were some things that made me turtle a touch – that is expected at events like this – my kink is not always your kink. Accept it and move on or deal with it. You are responsible for yourself foremost. i was reminded of this from Miss J – take ownership of your feelings, your health – because you cannot be of service to others if you cannot be of service to yourself.

There were body play/primal workshops – our presenter was going through all the body parts and what could be done with it. It was an interactive workshop. Knowing the body had a stomach/ribs/face – i learned to sit there, turn away my head, refocus on something else till it was done. Open hand slaps i can get through, closed fists not so much. i was proud of how i dealt with it. Last year, i couldn’t deal with a take down happening in our camp area- and ensured i was somewhere else and chose to read/colour till it was safe for me to join our little world again.

There was a breast bondage/torture chain gang happening – Kitten wanted her partners there as she was participating, i had to decline. It is not something i can watch/listen to. Knowing your limitations is a big thing – taking the responsibility to deal with it is mine alone. Instead Sir put me in Miss J’s care while He went to be with Kitten.

It was nice to have that one on one time with Miss J – She is a woman i respect and look up to. She asks really good questions as she wants to know the whats/whys – and makes you think as you answer. She is a logical one – it is one of those things i respect highly. At one point, She coached me to follow Her to Her campsite (as if i really had a choice) allowed me to put my blanket down and face away from the action. She talked through it, giggled a touch, introduced her girls and explained the dynamic at Her tent. She trains other Tops – two of Her girls were there – one celebrating 1 year of Service to Her.

Eventually Sir and kitten came over, as did everyone else in our little “family” – we sat around in the shade (being it was the shadiest campsite at that time). We watched a scene of another campsite – a cute little bratty kitten getting punished. At one point, her owner put his toy on her back and wandered away. She didn’t realize we were watching and threw it on the ground. We called her out..she put it back and tried to shush us – well you can imagine how that went over…he he. Her ass is some lovely shades of purple, black and blue – with hints of yellow now.

The piercing was a great experience. i was one of the demo bottoms that Sunday evening – the last workshop of the weekend. Sir Chat pierced just under my breasts, and thread a string through – used to pull, twist, attach to the piercing on my thigh. The feeling of it when He had me lay back – show what you can do – and when He was done – pulled me straight up off my back in a sitting position from the breast. It actually made me love needles/piercing even more. The lovely bruise left over is a awesome reminder of it.

At nights, we shared our tent with kitten – enjoying the time we were able to get. The time to snuggle, stroke, make love, giggle, have fun and just enjoy each other’s company. Not dwelling on the what ifs, could haves and wish i did… and enjoying the things that in fact did happen.

Once in awhile Sir allows me to switch with Him – as He does enjoy it on occasion. i took the opportunity when it arose this weekend and went with it. Fuck, i love when He struggles, and fights yet wants to have “all the things”. Teasing and encouraging is something i am really good at. i love using my body to hold Him down – a little unorthodox with some of the moves – however it works.Kitten wasn’t sure what to do or what the fuck was going on initially – he he – though she got right in there when it finally clicked. After warning her that Sir is a fighter – be prepared – she learned a few things about herself me thinks.

The fireside chat is as always a highlight Saturday evening hosted this year by a Friend of ours – a bunch of people around fire, talking about kink in general – bouncing thoughts/ideas/questioning each other – learning things about yourself, your neighbours and getting you to see all the different views there are.

One of our favourite friends (Handler/pony couple) were in full gear and giving cart rides. Glue looked fabulous in his gear. They did a workshop during one of the afternoons, making bits and showing how their dynamic works. There was a point where two ponies were pulling that cart. In a sense, i have missed that – in another – not so much – not as young as i used to be.

The heat on Saturday was yucky – i don’t think i ever saw a campsite nearly shut down as much as it did. Our bodies tired and drained – finding inventive ways to cool off. The truck pool was an awesome idea, pails of water with sponges, a hose down, a swim in the creek – you get the idea.

That afternoon was very hot – Sir took me to get me into a wet t-shirt – the hose spray was cold and nice. i didn’t realize it was just before cocktail hour as they were setting up…and He took full advantage of this. Hands behind the head trying to get away – soaked inside and out. Being told NOT to move away. i didn’t panic as much as i thought i would when He would spray close to my face. Splashes of water lightly tickling me…instead i focused knowing Sir wouldn’t do it yet get close enough to see if He could get more and more. Having water in my face is one of those things that is a hard limit, and i am honestly working on. i am proud i didn’t freak out – went with it – trusting Him as i should. It was a fun moment – and i didn’t let it get in the way.

After this – we wandered back to the campsite – with the need to towel snap me along the way. i thought i would take advantage of a limping Sir – NOT so much – Sir L was coming up the other way to pounce if i decided to bolt in Her direction LoL – Sir had back-up – She may be this tiny little person – though i am scared she would take me down very quickly…Sir finally caught up with me after we basically went into circles for a few laps. He grabbed my collar and dragged me along to the tent – got a few more hits for being bratty enjoying the adrenaline rush it just gave us. It was fun to be silly and not have a care.

Thankfully we live about 10 minutes from the campsite – hot showers, hot good coffee and a nap one morning helped us get through that weekend. Kitten got to finally see where we lived, and saw/played with the fur-babies – see the wall of books, and just generally how we live. It was nice to share that part with her. At one point, she gave me a present – a handwritten letter and an unicorn sticker (i collect all things unicorn). It was a sweet gesture – especially taking the time to hand write a letter. That probably meant more than the actual words written.

Another highlight of the weekend was the oil wrestling. We have a friend who is a little bitty person – take on a bigger competitor. They did a wonderful job of actually taking it into over-time to the surprise of everyone. We all hooted and hollered for them – the underdog – who nearly did win the match. One of the better matches that happened in my humble opinion. The best line ever was “let go, or I will smother you.” It was a lesson of Never underestimate someone because of their size.

This post is getting longer and longer by the minute – there were so many things that went on and i don’t seem to be able to fit it all in this post. Reliving everything makes me happy and a touch sad that it is done – for another year.

i think i grew a touch in what i am able to handle or at least figure out how to deal with it. i used my voice when i needed, got to be silly and carefree, enjoy some Top moments not just with the moment with Sir, and met some new people…by putting myself in situations to do so.

We were all there to be authentic to ourselves, to enjoy who we are, what we do, and how we do it even if it was different from another. It gave us ideas for the next time we play, and the next time we encounter situations that could be similar.

Falling from grace again and again – Fucking awesome time – every year.

Thank you to the Organizers, the Production crew and especially the Hosts that was a part of this in whatever form it might have been. i am happy that i know these people and they are in our Lives. ❤









{May 2, 2016}   Weekend Past.

A Monday night, i sit here on my chair at work, not wanting to move or squirm… then again maybe i do…it is that love/hate relationship of being a masochist.

The trip into the City is always something i look forward to… the ride in with Sir, the conversation and the leading up excitement for the weekend ahead.

We had a supper date prior to an event we regularly go too… we picked up B, who was looking really good in her red dress.

The pre-gaming at Sir L & e ‘s started off well.. Sir, e and B… finished off a bottle of Black Cherry Bourbon. That isn’t something i could drink – the smell actually knocks me over LoL

B wasn’t initially going to go to the event, however she changed her mind – and decided that a few hours of sleep prior to work on Sunday AM was doable (Silly girl).

The Sirs helped me finalize what i was wearing… and quite entertaining for e & B to watch them help me into my new Corset. They did a fantastic job…and it felt not too bad after the initial lacing.

Our DD for the evening was Sir L & e’s girlfriend’s boyfriend (MOUTHFUL LOL) and W did a wonderful job… considering we were quite happy at this point.

It was a great evening – i was enjoying Sir and all our Friends… Hell even someone we didn’t know that was in the City was there (from another province – was in City for a wedding) – It was so good to see Him…Sir and i just love Him.

Also Sir had a few good conversations with others that were shared with me later that Sunday, as i shared some of my observations from the evening.

After our event – we went back to Sir L’s home to continue the festivities – probably the second favourite thing going to the City to visit… a good “beating” was in order. Love playing with the Sirs. and e… this time another got to join…B… she had been asking for one for 2 weeks, and Sir made sure she participated. It was much different i think than what she first thought it was going to be….but in a good way.

Nevertheless, our asses are beautiful shades of red and purple now…as is e’s arms and B’s breasts and pinches on the thighs.

When i start to colour, is usually a slower process…i am usually sore as fuck – with barely any marks. The ones on my ass are coming out – it seemed to work more when both Sirs thought to use their knees to it… i agree it did – and i quite enjoyed it except for the couple of three that got the tail bone. As for my arms, i wish i could bruise there, unfortunately the bruising is more underneath… and my back all depends on where it is hit – as it is usually hard as a rock… it feels like a deep tissue massage when it happens. Most people can’t take what i get on the back without at least flinching.. i flinch when it is only on the shoulder blades.

Anyway – B took a few belt hits to the breast, and i took her last 2 as Sir didn’t want to break her. They were gladly taken – sadly i was really warmed up and could have taken more, however Sir knew B needed some time and sleep.

She was quite fun…hehe… want to play with her again and again. Sir agrees. The lack of sleep was worth it.

Later on Sunday we got to visit with L&L – YAY! i miss those two – they were unable to go that night, however we did make up for it with our visit. It ended way too soon…but we still had to drive home.

During all this – Sir and i got to even take some time and wander to the park to Ingress…with Him farming with two phones on His lap while i drove around. It was a beautiful weekend weather-wise…and apparently the rest of the week is supposed to be the same. YAY for sun and heat.

Later that evening, when we finally got home, i couldn’t help be a greedy little slut – Sir fixed that, and i got more punches in my ass for it too. AGAIN – NOT complaining. It was an awesome way to end the weekend.

Time for me to actually work now…Sir said we could Ingress tonight after work as He doesn’t work till 2pm tomorrow… so off i go to get something accomplished.

Something we agreed on after this weekend – we have really awesome Family and Friends, and couldn’t be more blessed by them A/all.


Laters A/all,






{June 14, 2015}   Coming down….

I know that it is only Sunday night… however I have had an awesome start to my holidays. We had a friend come from the City to visit us.

Sir and I, as we waiting for her to get here, decided to go to the Coffee shop that was right across from the place we were going to eat. Interesting enough, the other group was having their “munch” in the back room.

We sat and chatted with each in the front of the shop… kinda eavesdropping on a couple behind us. We were right when we found out it was their first “date” other than online dating. It was quite cute to watch it transpire.

Well, finally our friend got into town, and we scooted across to wait for her. From the time we met her at the restaurant till she left a few hours ago – we constantly talked. We had a quick nap at 7am this morning to get a little shut-eye before we went to have Brunch, and then wandered back to Sir’s.

We (as in her and me) got tucked in for a little nap – sadly I slept better than her… I have a funny snore apparently… I feel bad – 😦 I was so tired.

Anyway, nap out of the way – and more talking again… until she needed to leave to get back to the City for another engagement she was invited to.

I must say, I LOVE when you can talk with someone, for hours, and it is like time stood still. It helps that she is very intelligent, genuine and gets our sense of humour.

We hope to do a movie night the next time she comes back. I actually can’t wait – even if Sir and her love horror movies – it just means I will be under the blanket and shoving popcorn in my face trying not to focus on the screen LoL.

With all this going on – Sir and I were able to have some time in the park and reflect on the last couple of days – and try to figure out what is to come for the coming couple of weeks.

I am now coming down hard – I am trying to eat the supper that Sir made sure I got before going home.

I am currently also being an achievement whore on WoW, flipping through pictures and writings on FetLife, and having Sir close by via Hangouts.

Life is Good right now.

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