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{March 7, 2017}   Blizzard… still in effect.

As you can see from this lovely little map – everything that is red – is closed. i am sitting at work “preparing” for tomorrow and then attempt the slow drive home. It took just over an hour last night – when it is normally an 11-minute drive.

Sir is not happy that i am here – and really i am not either. i got the email after the fact that i could stay home. i said fuck it – do what i can to help – and then get back to the house.

Talk to you all later and perhaps it will be a touch warmer though this is supposed to go on for another day.

3-7-2017 8-32-27 PM


Yep – that time again – Mother Nature is really drunk.

It is raining, snowing, with thunder, lightning, and it is windy.

i am sitting at work – it is my first day back from my vacation – to play cleanup and keep everyone abreast of the highway conditions and how it will affect us.

Right now – our little city is being surrounded by road closures.

This is our “Blizzard Warning” even though we are currently in the middle of it:

A powerful winter storm has brought blizzard conditions to extreme western Manitoba as of mid-afternoon, and blizzard conditions are expected to move eastward into the remainder of western Manitoba this evening. Heavy freezing rain showers or even thunderstorms occurred in southwestern Manitoba this afternoon, and this remains a possibility in some areas early this evening.

This wide variety of weather is courtesy of an intense low pressure system currently located in North Dakota moving northwards towards southern Manitoba. This storm is bringing northwest winds of 50-70 km/h with gusts as high as 90 km/h along with heavy snow resulting in blizzard conditions to areas near the Saskatchewan border as of mid-afternoon, and these blizzard conditions will spread eastward this evening. The blizzard is expected to continue throughout the day Tuesday before tapering off Tuesday evening.

Snowfall total will be significant with this system, ranging from 10 cm near the international border, 20-30 cm in the Parklands and evening higher amounts in northern Manitoba where up to 60 cm is forecast.

Winds will be a bit lighter in the Swan River – Grand Rapids area and a winter storm warning is in effect there. Significant snow is likely in both these communities with 20-35 cm accumulation by Tuesday evening.

At the moment it appears that Winnipeg, the Red River Valley and points east will escape the brunt of this storm, and no weather warnings are currently in effect. However, strong winds gusting to 80 km/h, snow and blowing snow are expected to develop overnight tonight and persist on Tuesday.

This is a major storm system. Highway closures and power outages are likely. The public is advised to postpone travel in western Manitoba, eastern Saskatchewan and northern Manitoba until the storm passes.

Meteorologists are closely monitoring the path of this system and will issued further warnings if necessary.


Travel is expected to be extremely hazardous due to reduced visibility. Road closures are possible.

Quiet night here at work it will be. There will be a documentary or three playing in the background and i will have time to audit and upload CHEP pallets for the last 2 weeks. This will also have me cleaning up the China annex backlog that seemed to happen once i went on vacation (2 days in).

i made sure that Sir had candles, food, and water before i left for work. He made sure His tablet and phone had been charged up in case there was a power failure. We have been lucky as we know some smaller towns surrounding us (and country folks) have lost theirs or it has been flickering.

Anyway it is time to get to work and get things done here.

Stay warm A/all. 😀


The massage today was needed as my entire upper back had so many knots along especially on the left side. Also, she took a little bit more time to the lower area where i had pulled a muscle. i really wanted to cry at points from pressure, and feeling her fingers roll over the knots. Sir could see the veins in my neck protrude. A few times, Dallas had to remind me to breathe. It hurt so good. Dallas told Sir to leave the upper shoulders area alone for a while till we get it where it needs to be. The mini beatings were keeping me from going entirely stiff – until we got an appointment with her. She popped my ankles once more though the right foot she was able to crack more in the arch. Either way, there are no complaints.

Once i was done being hurt from her, i was able to move the shoulders and neck with more mobility. It honestly feels great right now.

We also went to get our hair cut. It is great to be able to see through the bangs again. The back was trimmed to clean up the dead ends. Sir was happy with getting His cut – He looks so handsome ;).

That was the Bliss.

Now the Hell starts.

Sir and i had time to have a quick lunch before He had to go to work where we talked with His dad for a couple of minutes. Then off to grab Him a “fancy” coffee prior to dropping Him off.

Taking Him to work makes me a sad girl, even though i know in an hour and a half i work too.

So wandering home i did to start getting ready for my day. Coffee brewing, while i find clothes and clean up.

That moment that most (or at least i assume) women dread decided to pop up. Mother Nature is a Bitch. It is so sad that i have to mark mine on the calendar – not because i am not regular – more because i can never remember when i have it visit. And sure enough, it wasn’t early – i counted the days between to double check. i am not sure why i squirrel with something that regularly comes each month. i get so focused/absorbed with other things, it is like “hey – oh wow – where did you come from – i wasn’t expecting you – ever” It is something i shouldn’t forget – Fuck, it puts me out on the floor for at least 2-3 days of internal pain along with lower back/frontal pain. You would think i would be ready for it.

The heating pad was going to work anyway – it will just have a dual purpose now. And here is hoping that people did their jobs today, as to not making mine longer than needed.

Augh – i see the time. i need to finish getting ready for work.

{February 9, 2016}   Sadistic Bitch…

Yes.. mother fucking sadistic bitch that She is.

Suuure –  You wait till i am finally getting comfortable with the pain i received from the weekend before You decided You didn’t want to be left out of all the Fun.

You snuck up this afternoon, just after Sir left for the day for work…ensuring the rest of my day would know that You are lurking about.

Mother Nature – You Sadistic Bitch.

Besides this – The pain and markings i received on the weekend from the Two Sirs was glorious… and i really didn’t want it to stop – and apparently my partner in crime felt the same way. It felt good to have someone there with me…feeding off each other and enjoying the moments.

i am not sure if she got a little extra on Monday…however i wouldn’t let up on my Sir till He decided that my ass needed a few more punches/pounding before i could have a nap prior to work.

Last night though, me being an ass didn’t get the desired play i wanted 😦 instead He decided i had enough and be a good girl…cuddles instead.  Grrrr. i might have pouted a bit (but not in front of Him – that doesn’t go so well for me).

The only thing about having a weekend like that – is that i want more and more and more. i love the feeling before, during and after…and coming back to “earth” sucks big time. It isn’t always a smart thing to continue on – i know this… He know this.. and thankfully He lets me know in His own special way.

So today – i work through the other pain that came, on top of the bruises that are forming and blackening fast… a few of the marks are still coming out now on my inside leg  – Thank You Sir L for those 🙂 and many more on the hips. Apparently my upper back looks very pretty, says Sir – He did a little work on those too.

My brain is going a thousand miles a minute, and floating too – trying to ground myself as i will have a busier work day today.

i hope the peanut butter cookies i made Sir will make Him happy – He will be crashing a touch later today, once work is out of the way. He will have protein in the crockpot to help with some of the cravings.

Anyway, i still have to shower and such… talk to you all later 😀


{June 13, 2015}   And Holidays have begun.

It isn’t that I am going anywhere.. it is the fact that I am NOT going to work.

I needed a break from the place and having a at home vacation is good for me.

A little more time with Sir, and other things that I can get done during the day waiting for Him.

Perhaps a little writing will be in order this week too.

Anyway – time to go have a bath/shower and get cleaned up before Sir is done work.



{February 1, 2015}   Carpets and Shout.

Shout is a great product to have in your home for those times of the month where you don’t have time to grab a towel – OR a shower curtain 😉

Poor poor carpet.

{January 30, 2015}   OMFG – I got sex this week :p

The other night was fucking awesome… let me restate that – yesterday morning was fucking awesome.

I got home from work and quickly checked on my fur babies – all were good and fed. I grabbed my tablet, a shirt and some panties.

My next stop was Sir’s – it was sleep-over nap time… YAY! I knew He would be already somewhat sleeping, so I wander in and do my thing as I always do before getting into His bed to His warm body.

I drop my things at the door, go to the bathroom and strip – except panties (as Mother Nature decided she wished to visit), say hi to Daisy, fill His water cup and ensure all the doors on cupboards are shut.

I quietly (or so I think) go to the bedroom – and since I have to make the bed before I sleep – I “made” it as best I could with Him in it – it is quite amusing to straighten blankets with a man and cat in the Bed… hehe.

I get in on my side, grab my tablet and check my FB, games and FL before I sleep. I LOVE when He flips over and lays an arm on me – the weight of it is comforting – that I am His and He will protect me from the monsters in the dark.

That night, I just looked at Him while He snoozed… His beard so touchable and soft framing His mouth…the eyes gently closed and relaxed… My tummy fluttered as did my clit yearning for Him to just put His hand on it. I gave Him light kisses on His head, ear and beard… and closed my eyes.

That morning we got to wake up with each other. It was only to be snuggle time however my body betrays me when He is so close to me. I tend to grind when He gets up close to me gently tugging at my nipples…. what girl wouldn’t get all hot and bothered?

Well that was a morning of anal sex, love bites, breakfast at Timmies and giggling time because well… I got sex… anal sex. As you can probably guess – I love it.

I am still giggly cause it makes me so happy that He makes me like this… after 6 years together – I still feel like a love-sick teenager with Him … and Him with me.

This is the happiest relationship I have ever been in. I fucking love that Man more every day we are together.

Anyway – there is more – though a lot of it is TMI and I will spare you all from it.

Time to get ready to pick up Sir from work and make our way to Munch… after that work overnight because I wanted to go to Munch.

Laters A/all 🙂

well I am not one of those from the look of things.

I was going to write a post on this very fact – however I read too many of them now on every social network there is and more.

Resolutions to me are goals that you should be doing anyway – short and long term ones. Why make it a special time of the year… and just read a month or two down the road how someone went off the rails etc.

In a sense – I suppose I did write “something” about them… but didn’t :p

A new year for us is just figuring out this work situation of opposite shifts, sneaking in Munches, play parties, and the most important thing – US TIME in the way of just seeing each other, to having more fucking awesome sex and try to sneak in some play-time to spice it up once in awhile.

Tonight is a night for me to relax, bitch at Mother Nature (but thank Her as She won’t be around next week for Play Party in the City) and try to keep warm in this Freezer of a House – Damn weather is extreme cold warnings for the entire province.

Tomorrow after work, I will wander over to Sir’s place, and snuggle with my Bear ❤

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