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{March 8, 2017}   After-mess of a Blizzard.

i am in the office and cleaning up the mess that happens when your city broke their own record for the longest blizzard.

This world that i am in involves SAP (lovely program /sarcasm), lots of paperwork due to everything being already invoiced and posted to finance and re-issuing of paperwork along with revisions of trailers, carriers and product.

A few facts of the Blizzard:

3-8-2017 9-15-37 PM

The highways are slowly opening up in areas. One section opened at 10:30 am, another at 4:24 pm (just as i got into the office), and a few others around us the last 2 or 3 hours.

This means that trucks are starting to roll into the Plant, and grumbling because they want their trailers already done. We are still working on 2 trailers from Monday currently, while production doesn’t really care we are behind. It means we are trying to get today, yesterday’s and Monday’s orders done…to boot – this is Cali night. That is a mess on its own without adding the rest of this.

With all that, i still have to deal with the International orders (China and Japan), removing CHEP pallets (due to removing the¬†product from trucks) from spreadsheets prior to uploading them so customers are not charged in error and dispatch for tomorrow hasn’t even been looked at. It might be a longer night than i wish for.

Sir needed to get to work and had to push the car in order for us to move forward… and pushed me out last night, along with another neighbour as he was walking towards finding me.

He is a sore man today – thankfully someone (who i believe was the Park Front Loader) came and cleared our driveway. It was as high as Sir’s waist and we had to walk around to the neighbour’s yard on the hard packed snow to get out. i do hope He takes a soak in the tub – He really deserves it.

The house is a little overwhelming too, as we have been trying to keep on top of the weather and work. We have MAsT on Saturday to get ready for…i need to ensure we have proper winter gear for the trip. The house chores will have to wait till Sunday unless i can sneak in a couple of things before then.

Sir just got home – and about to call….

Talk to you all later ūüôā



{January 18, 2017}   Things Change as you Age…

However, Let us Look at it in a Positive Light.

‚ÄúToday is the oldest you‚Äôve ever been, and the youngest you‚Äôll ever be again.‚ÄĚ Eleanor Roosevelt

Today is my youngest Birthday – she is now 21 years old. And with this,¬†i¬†have been thinking a lot lately. The older you become many things are not like they are used…and of course, that is the way it should be.

Some people take change much easier than others, and¬†i¬†happen to be one of the “others”.

For me, that is why there is routine to help with things that can be more controlled in your Life – either through Sir or myself.

Unfortunately, the part about getting older i cannot change, i will be getting older every second of the day. As of late, i have trying to look for the positives in this.

My children are becoming my friends. It is nice to be able to sit and talk to them about things without someone getting butt hurt because I couldn’t get them something. They have a better understanding of what being an adult and becoming parents themselves entails.

Learn from my mistakes – and make better decisions because of it. This is especially important when it comes to health.

Knowing more people and have more resources than¬†i¬†did in my 20’s. There is always someone that¬†i¬†can reach out to if¬†i¬†am not sure of something.

The materials of Life –¬†i¬†don’t need a lot of “things” in my Life (ie. clothes) like¬†i¬†felt¬†i¬†needed before.

i judge people more on who they are Рnot what they have. Actions speak volumes.

i¬†don’t always have to be right – I listen more to all sides – more to understand than to win.

My relationship is more mature Рand i have learned what i want and need to do to have an awesome one.

i am really good at my job Рyears of working my ass off has paid off. And with it, more time and money to do the things i want and do without worrying if i can buy groceries to feed us the next week.

i¬†am not worried (as much) about how¬†i¬†am looking as¬†i¬†did when¬†i¬†was in my 20’s.¬†i¬†am becoming more comfortable with myself.

i now dress for comfort LoL Рhigh heels have fucked up my legs, and i am not scared what people will think when i wear a toque (at least I am warm)

i am not as ill as I used to get. i think my immune system is getting better because i am looking out better for myself as is Sir.

i am MUCH Happier now than i was in my younger years. It is nice to have people comment that to you out of the blue.

i have always had a great sex life Рnow it is awesome Рbecause i know what i want/need and communicate it.

i¬†am more¬†thoughtful / logical¬†in decisions or just my thought process¬†analyzes¬†better without getting all emotional –¬†i¬†notice this a lot at work compared with younger people.

Thankful i get to become older. You start to recognize your own mortality. It reminds me to prioritize what matters most to me each day.

{March 3, 2016}   OWN that Shit.

Today i read a post … sadly knowing the person that wrote it – i see they still are unable to be truthful even with themselves – portraying something that was witnessed by others quite the opposite.

A little more of me lost respect for that person. Why is it difficult to be truthful…at least start with yourself.

Deal with your Shit – OWN that Shit – CONQUER that Shit.

i promise – you will feel better about yourself – you will grow as a person – get out of the unhealthy “comfort” zone you put yourself into. Toxins spread fast.

There are too many people in this “comfort” zone with themselves. i know i was at certain parts in my Life… i am glad when someone pointed it out – SURE i was pissed off – however when you start losing Friendships that were always there, and other people are pointing out the same things – you THINK you might see that a change needs to happen.

DO NOT BE LAZY with this Life – it is the ONLY one you got – MAKE THE MOST of it!

i will end this with two meme i posted today, i think both are appropriate for this particular post:




D/s is like a vanilla relationship but on steriods.

I am sure I will expand on this.. however at the moment I need food therapy – cinnamon toast and butter.

et cetera
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