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{November 22, 2016}   DomSplained

When a -note- of the combined conversations/discussions of a night of MAsT on Consideration and Training is responded to by an individual who is obviously not from the area, nor understand what MAsT does … ends with her commenting after some dribble “Many people don’t do consideration or training periods. I never did it with my master. He’s been doing this since you were about eleven years old and has never done that consideration or treating with any of his relationships.”

The last line is what did it to me: “Why is it that I feel like I’ve just been DomSplained?” – You wish to bitch slap them. Good for you – I am glad it worked out for you.

The reason I say this is – I tend to read the profiles of the commenters – when you say one thing and read or do another, you do not become credible. It is interesting when your profile states one thing, and you read through it and find something else entirely – you were not considered? you didn’t train? I call bullshit – wait – your profile tells me that. Sockpuppet/troll accounts really piss me off.

I suppose she must know what we were discussing as a group – with the back and forth, and sharing. She must know what people were wanting to know, and wanted to ask – some afraid to even speak, yet got out of their comfort spot to do so.

If the information came off as DomSplaining… then I do not know what I can say – since I am definitely not a Dom and I was the one that put the notes together. There were a few websites sited and their words used – to give our members some links that may be helpful in their Life and Journey with TPE.

I am a little pissed off – and that is alright.

It was a good meeting with a lot of good information. I do hope that people got what they needed from it.

Edit (2 days later) : You definitely can tell i was agitated when i wrote this.

I am drinking my first cup of coffee for the day and looking outside at all the snow that fell last night… all I can think of is YUCK.

I will have to shovel my deck, my front of the house and up the small deck, and all the way to the car. so yeah – YUCK.

Not much on the kink side for my Life as of late except the odd time we can “play” together. Sunday was a good night… belt whippings and all. I was amazed at how I was taking them considering it has been sporadic play with us due to schedules. He got me into a good head space that night and I was calm and relaxed for the rest of the night … even today 2 days later… I am still in a good place.

My bum is looking a few shades of purple/black/blue… and so pretty… it is hard not to want to look at it when I can.

Last week we were asked to lead a discussion for the March MAsT meeting – surprised I am for the request, however it is the least we can do for everything the Leaders and the group has done for us.

And of course I had to ask why:

Dot: and why us?

Randilin: Honestly I am sure any topic you to want to talk about will be fine, Dot you have been doing this for a long time.

Sir: ^ \

Randilin:Because you know your shit, and are both good speakers

Dot: thanks for making me feel old Randilin

Sir: LOL

Randilin: LMAO

And it is true – I have been doing this a very long time – however I really never think about it. I just do and am. It makes it even better when Sir is the same way – it is who/what He is…Being true to ourselves

The hard part is picking a topic and going with it. The problem is there are at least 2-3 topics we would do it on – however I don’t want them all to be sub driven topics. I really think there needs to be more out there for the D types.

We have a couple of thoughts on the back burner and Randilin didn’t help by adding one in there we didn’t think about. We have to give them an answer really soon… I am hoping that by the next MAsT meeting Feb 21 we have something to give to them as to what we are doing.

Interesting enough, this is easy for me – I am not the type that goes anxious in this setting – for me it is like teaching…which I find rewarding. Sir was a little concerned I think that He would have to be the one who speaks 90% of the time… and normally that would be the case.

This is my Life – and talking about it in a mature mannered group who have many perspectives on the subjects make it relaxing/calming. It is like me in a group of moms talking about their day, trials and tribulations.

Sorry if I was bouncing around – no wordpad up and rearranging the thoughts – just me, the idea of having to deal with the snow and a cup of coffee in hand.

Till later A/all 🙂

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